Making Kingdom wars fun

Kingdom wars

Here’s an idea of getting kingdom wars more fun or for a complete new event.
But concept is based on the map of KW, not a whole map but team vs team.

Set up round 1-3

     2 lands above capital

2 lands below capital

Teams earn victory points by holding land.
Every land gives 1 VP per minute , capital gives 5VP per minute
You need 3 lands touching the capital before you can attack it.
Every land has a certain amount of HP you need to kill.
Capital has 3 times the amount, castle hold by other team does too.
At first the lands are hold by PvE, later by a team.

Bonus points 1M VP , total annihilation of a team (capturing their castle and occupation of all lands)
When this happens round starts over (VP per minutes for annihilation keeps counting so 15 vp/min + lands in new round)

Round 4 is same as round 1-3 but setup is in Y shape with team vs team vs team.
Rules are the same.

Round 1
Team vs Team (12x)
Team vs PVE (1x) low team in league (or lowest previous round)
Winners get 1M victory points, loser 0
Team that fought with PvE get 1M point but doesn’t go to winners round

Round 2
Winners round (A)
Winner R1 vs winner R1 (6x)
Winners get 2M victory points, loser 1M

Losers round (B)
Loser R1 vs Loser R1 (6x)
Loser R1 (with lowest round points) vs PvE
Winners get 1M victory points , loser 0
Team that fought with PvE get 1M point but doesn’t go to winners round

Round 3

Winners round ©
Winner A vs winner A (3x)
Winners get 3M VP, losers 2M

Winner/loser round (D)
Loser A vs winner B (6x)
Winners get 2M VP, losers 1M

Loser round (E)
Loser B vs loser B (3x)
Loser R1 (with lowest round points last round) vs PvE
Winners get 1M VP, losers 0

Round 4
Champions round
Winner C vs Winner C vs Winner C
Winner gets 7M VP , 2nd 6M , loser 5M

Runner up round
Loser C vs Loser C vs Loser C
Winner gets 6M VP, 2nd 5M , loser 4M

Same with winners D
Winner gets 5M VP, 2nd 4M loser 3M

Same with losers D
Winner gets 4M VP, 2nd 3M , loser 2M

Same with winners E
Winner gets 3M VP, 2nd 2M , loser 1M

Same with losers E
Winner gets 2M VP, 2nd 1M , loser 0M

Lowest round score E vs PvE
Gets 1M points

Every round takes 6hrs, after round 4 it all starts again.

So should the time zone in which the clan lives influence the result of the event?

Just change the map to a globe where there is no team on the coast, which is a pretty big change for now.

Oh, and knock out privat VP (not for the team) for the base owner and the defenders for successful defenses.

For timezones , make a round 5 hrs.
Start of new cycle will shift 4 hrs every cycle that way.

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