Making my sothe a mythic

As can be seen in the posted pics, i should be able to make Sothe a mythic?

It’s 8 Ascension tokens


Thanks for the answer, one more to go than :see_no_evil:

Trust me don’t do it; it’s only a 2% stat boost
You can save your ascension tokens for this season’s redemption branch so that you can get more gold or plat chests to help you jump start next season IF you are interested in a mythic for next season


2% is a lot more than it sounds. you should already have enough chests to get a mythic next season anyway. ascend it.


Looks like you got an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other! The question is which one is right haha!


The 2% won’t do much but it’s better than nothing. It is applied to the base stats of the dragon so it stacks multiplicatively with other buffs, basically giving +2% of your actual stats. Say your dragon has 1000m dps, when ascending it will have 1020m so you gain 20m dps through that buff (2% of 1000m).
Comparing the 20m damage gain to runes (stack additively), it would resemble a rune with a value of about 6.5% in damage so it’s less effective than adding the commonly used 8% glyphs. You do get the ascension buff to both damage and hp however, whereas the glyph is only one or the other so overall slightly better value than 8% glyphs


Your Sothe is already a mythic. “Ascension” now is just adding an exotic boost to his base stats. Personally I dont see it as worthwile, I’ll be trading my tokens in next season.

It’s really not. Especially for Sothe it will make no difference. The 1 shot will still 1 shot, the invoke will still be useless and it’ll still take a full ammo clip + the boost spell to kill a max tower. It’s not going to give him any extra shelf life.

Exchange the tokens


It’s not making it more easy now :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing:, but extra chests for next season would be a better option i think, egg token shortage here.

Added a screenshot from my current rune and glyph setup, i don’t have much better atm, but with healing from fera, i think +att would be the best for the runes and glyphs.

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No. Not really. I say if the dragon is doing okay save the tokens for chests, as progression is getting more difficult with the insanely ever increasing building prices.


That and seasons are becoming even more expensive than the last, not to mention nonsensical.

And to add even to that, the introduction of LTB nearly every single week which prevents focusing on your pre-planned picks on choice branches, keeping you from finishing the branch you want or you having to skip the LTB.


It’s actually not that much. Now, yes it’s is helpful, but think about it. Is it really worth ascending a dragon for a minor stat boost when instead you could save your ascension tokens and keys to get a newer mythic (aka more current and past radiant tier mythic)? I think many people are better off getting a stronger, higher potential mythic with their rss rather than spending their rss to make a limited tier dragon stronger; the limited dragon won’t be of much use when newer tiers come out, BUT a newer, higher tier dragon will have much more availability and use.

Plus i know that some people should have their chests saved up, but why would you make ur life harder? Just make it easier by saving ur rss instead of wasting it on something that has limited tier potential :joy:


None of the mythics this season are worth ascending. Save your tokens for chests.

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Unless the winter mythics end up having similar issues that we’ve had to deal with this season… or even worse issues.


Yes true; we just gotta believe



Sorta related - if I say mythic Sothe anyway lol… what’s the best rune/glyph setup for Mythic Sothe?

I went rage and attack. Gotta have some rage. Attack helps with the ammo to take out Oreos. HP only really affects the lighting invoke which doesnt do much anyway

Invoker attack options are rather limited though. If we could have claimed 2 of the exotic glyphs last week I’d have gotten one for Sothe but since this is only my 2nd invoker I’ve bothered with I wasnt going to waste the 1 glyph I could get on them.

Yeh cool thanks. I did get that exotic for him recently. I have invoker attack and invoker hp runes both with rage so was t sure which was best. thx👍