Making our life easier for PVP

I was just wondering if it would be possible to get the defence stats showing before attacking in a PvP event, nothing worse than going to attack a player seeing their defence and having to wait for the battle screen to reload because their defence was to high. We get to see this in normal attacks and war, so was just wondering being as this is the year of the player.@Crisis @PGJared, any chance of it happening?

What do you all think in forum land?

It would be a good step forward for QOL.


As a lot of pvp is about speed of attack, I think this is a terrible idea, gives advantage to those too lazy to research prior and gives an boost to teams who accept players based on quantity not quality of level.

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Isnt that what happens with war and personal runs

There’s no fun in the grind of scouting through 1200 bases to find your team pvp targets. Why reward it or make a virtue of it when it could be made so much easier? It’s a game, focus on the enjoyable parts.


While I agree the game is time bound by points per second, especially in upper leagues, I personally think this is a good idea.

My reasoning is that unless the game is desired to be a game of head to head administration, less time should be needed on administrative overhead. More time should be on strategy and battle.

While I agree it can be a difference maker to come prepared, It would reduce the amount of unimportant time wasted, and doesn’t remove the choice/strategy for which base is better to hit.

It could be they don’t display this for performance reasons, but I personally would like a better tool to compare players and teams rather than the slow process of pretending to attack, cancelling and having to reload the team page again.

If done right it might even reduce the load on the game which could save pg money as thousands of people will reduce their number of slow queries drastically in number.

If somehow the diamond folks felt they really wanted to keep things how they are, id recommend it as more of a training wheel type change for leagues under a certain level. (Although i find it hard to believe there are competitive teams in diamond who don’t bother to prepare still)


Do it so we can find the one person in the league to spam run…



(Not directed at you, just replied to you, I agree with this sarcastic point 1000%, but don’t think it means the idea should not happen)

Honestly I don’t like that we can hit the same base over and over again. I liked it better when you had to hit 10 bases on a team before it let you hit the same one again. It was more strategic.

But yeah it would definitely be used for evil, but like 80% of people share notes on who the easy bases are or remember from the last pvp/war/etc. I don’t really see it making sense to withhold this because it makes already easy spam runs even easier to find.

Would totally love to see the spam runs become less spammy.


So your against information being available a single screen and a loading screen earlier? Because that’s what this is suggesting.

You still have to account and check the information but it would be faster to do. It doesn’t cut back on the skill. It cuts back on the time it takes to access the information. You still need to know how to work with this information.

And I’m not sure why you think a mod can’t give their opinion and why you snapped at them. They gave valid points and I can’t see any point where they did anything controlling or dismissive or hell anything to deserve that comment.


I thinks it’s a great suggestion as it only displays information in a quicker way. We re all losing a lot of time on loading screens. Limiting them as much as possible will undoubtedly enhance player experience in the game.


Not just loosing time but if you can’t beat them you lose the energy points.

I’m fine either way… seeing it would make things easier for me which I love especially as free to play any bonus and time saver I can get is great haha.

However, it doesn’t seem as fair to easily see the weakest play for free in order to focus them. But that said, the weakest player is found anyway and abused regardless, haha.

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