Making Previous Event Dragons/Stones and/or Portraits Purchasable via Rubies

I’d like to suggest making previous seasons divine dragons and stones and portraits become purchaseable using rubies.
I propose the system that could be in place would be a sort of limited time frame of a week or less happening once every month or every other month. The items being sold for rubies is a good balance for free to play players and people that want to spend money to suppor the game.
The exact ruby amount for the items obviously could vary on many factors, I’d say how old a previous season dragon would definitely be a major factor.
So if x dragon can only reach obsidian tier it would be cheaper in rubies than if y dragon can reach harbinger. All portraits could be placed as 1k rubies or however much you deem a fair price. Stones can be varying costs depending on the stone tier just like in events for purchasing with sigils, obviously lower tier stone means lower amount of rubies.
Anyways thanks for reading and possibly taking my idea into consideration.

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Was worth a shot, I mean if anyone has ever played Warframe I was referring to PG’s own spin on the Prime Vault. Obviously they are limited time portraits and dragons and re-releasing them for a limited time still makes them limited time items. Another note would be more money in PG’s pocket and we know how much they love $$$$.

A bit more money and losing their whales isn’t a good option I guess.


They won’t do it.


They hardly listen to suggestions, like how they’ll probably never retire feed event

Thanks @OrcaFrost.

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