Making some new friends?

Hi so I know I’m like the worse at making friends but this post is basically just an… not offer… idk. Guess I would like some help masking new friends on the game?

Any advice is welcome!

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Join a team! Find out what they like talking about before you join. If it’s also something you like then that’s a good start. Most people on this game are friendly. You likely wouldn’t play a mmog if you weren’t. Good luck!

I’m in a platinum 2 team and I talk in league very chat a lot but it gets me into trouble :see_no_evil:

:joy: haha ok I can’t help you there then! LC is a minefield… :stuck_out_tongue:

LC is evilllllllll :sweat_smile:
It’s what I imagine the Houses of Parliament to be like when they talk about Brexit :sweat_smile:

Lc can nice on the rare occasions, when u find a nice group of friends in a league make a group chat with them so u don’t lose contact with them during league shuffling.

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Most of the people in LC are like weird. I meet like one or 2 people every league. I guess a few good friends is better than lots of people you can’t trust with anything!

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And sorry I’m like really quick at replying :see_no_evil: Just trynna make a good impression or something

No worries lol. Tbh I haven’t been in lc for about 7 months😂

What league are you in?

So I’m like going to bed now. But I’ll totally speak with you tomorrow. After school.

Then again I was there last night cuz I saw an old friend, platinum league 3 angry vazirs

Oooooh I’m in platinum 2 something horgons

I love my team. They tell me off a bit but they’ve been really lenient with me and they’ve kept me sane and treated me well. So I wanna try and stay here for a long time cause they’re nice people and actually care that I’m young and they give me female pronouns because I’m a trans boy. So everything is really chilled here.

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There are a lot of things that can bug people regardless of someone’s age.

  • Don’t talk about your age in the first place, and don’t use it as an excuse.

  • Don’t join groups that advertise 18+, if you’re finding trouble trying to fit in.

  • Don’t spam chat/forums with a chain of posts. On the forums, use the edit button. In chat, just string things together for longer sentences/thoughts.

  • Don’t try too hard to impress. This and the one above are two of the biggest giveaways.

  • Observe how the chat is going and get a feel of things before contributing. This goes back to not trying too hard. If you see people being assholes, don’t bandwagon and contribute to it.

There’s more but :woman_shrugging:. Age is too often used as an excuse; calm down and settle in. People thought I was 21 when I was 12 in online chats ages ago :rofl:


I’m not using it as an excuse. I know I can be an ass a lot (because I never get enough sleep as I’m always on this) but oh well. It’s just me. Don’t like me? Fine.

That’s right? Right?

And sorry for the like millions of posts. I just like chatting to new people.

I can’t imagine you at 12. You must have been precocious! :joy:

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Preclricueos thingy definition ?

I promised I wouldn’t go on my phone for long in bed (2 hours later and I’m still here)

Precocious: “having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected”