Malfunction of game


Silver chest don’t work and diff dragon


I’ll have what he’s having :v:t3::grin::beers:


Silver chests have been replaced by Runic chests for this event and will return Monday/Tuesday. As for “diff drag”, I’m going to need a little more info.


I get my 20 and no dragon started back ot 0. So we does it tail me I have
silver chest and I get nothing


I’m sorry, still struggling to understand the nature of the issue. Could you take a screen shot of the problem? Also if it’s easier for you to use another language I can attempt to translate.


I can’t take a screenshot it all ready happened do you not no the water
dragon in the game that you work for


If you are talking about Ryuu the Shrine Dragon, the Dragons you kill during event runs do not count towards the invocation of Ryuu, so you need to defend against “green banners” to be able to get the Water Dragon.

I hope this was your problem and I got it right.

You still have your silver chests but until next Tuesday they are hidden and replaced by Runic chests. You will be able to open silver chests next event.


Ok thanks I only know English can you put him back to 17 please


Ryuu is a special temporary Dragon, you have to summon him, then you can use him for 2 attacks. He goes back to rest in his Shrine after those two attacks and you have to summon him again to use his power.

Honestly it would be faster to wait for new Dragons to be koed by your base or teammates’ bases when you defend a base than expect an action from PG. I mean no disrespect towards PG support by saying that, just that this is either a very minor bug or the misinformation of the original poster about how Ryuu works…


I’m going to chime in on the Silver Chests thing. Let see they are still dropping in game but no Silver Chests in our rewards I’ve counted about 30 now I’ve lost in this event and those Runic chest I’ve not heard of anyone getting on


Dargon, you will still have the silver chests in your inventory, you just can’t open them during this event.
Runic chests have more updated runes in them, as well as glyphs (that were just introduced this event for the Runic chests)! This chests do not drop in runs; you have to spend rubies to get them.

There’s a thread showcasing some of the pulls people got from the runic chests.

Runic chest not getting them

Well in gold leagues no one has gotten an Runic chest we think there just there tease us cause now in some of the higher leagues they are getting them but here we get nothing but Bronze that it well and some Silver Chests now and then


One more time dargon hopefully you will understand this time. Runic chests do not drop in runs they have to be purchased using rubies. The silver chests you received this event will show in your inventory after the event ends.


Lol ok I didn’t know that so my bad on the Ronic chests


you guys have way more patience than me

and perhaps translation/decoding experience too

good job !


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