Malfunctioning aspect ratio makes the game unplayable

Just joined. Tried to create a fun game for my dragon-loving niece. But I’m already stopped from advancing because screen doesn’t fit new iPhone aspect ratio.

Can anyone help so I can advance?

What iPhone?

Welcome to the forums! I hope that you will be able to figure out this problem so that you can enjoy this game :slight_smile:

Have you tried filing a ticket with support yet?

This is how you file a ticket in game for support:

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


If the screen cuts off too badly for you to file a support in game, there is also the option to file a ticket with support via your web browser using the following URL:

Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.


I contacted support, but in the other thread it was mentioned the game in unplayable on iPhone XR, which is my phone. So, until that is updated, I guess I’m over and out. Thanks

One last thought… is your iOS up to date? I thought I had read that a fix had gone out and that once someone updated their iOS everything worked fine. I don’t have time to search the forums to verify, so I could be wrong…


I know a lot of people with XR’s and they don’t have this. Curious to your answer to PQ’s question.

I don’t recall reading that, but I read so much that some stuff gets lost :sweat_smile:

Found it:

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No wonder I couldn’t remember. That was back in November last year… that’s practically ancient history on the forums :laughing:

iOS and game all updated, still not working on XR. Filed a ticket but got meaningless answer. My wife has a XR, had to stop playing when she got the new phone.

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Can you post the ticket number here? Maybe @Arelyna can help look into what the issue is.

I had a teammate with this problem a few months back. All they had to do was change their display from zoomed to standard. Not sure if this is your issue but may be worth looking into.

Settings > display & brightness > display zoom > standard


Wow, thank you so much. This solved a long time problem. Now the game comes back to normal. Yeah!!!

Thanks for your suggestion, Liz. The problem just solved by change the settings in iPhone XR.

Yay! So glad you got things fixed :hugs:

Not going to lock it?

Issue has been solved, thank you for your participation.

Actually, the Original Poster may still be experiencing the problem. But if the solution presented by @Hussarian123 doesn’t work for him, he can message the mods and have us re-open the thread for him :slight_smile: