Malsexpexp closed

Hi community,

The experience base Malsexpexp is no more. It was an honor to give back to such a great community. The account is back in game, reconfigured, boosted and defended. I ask you to please request of your team members to stop emailing and bookmarking me. Thank you.

Game on!



Thank you so much for all the help you put back in the community. While losing your base as an xp base is saddening it’s really nice to see you back ready to burn things down. Thank you for being awesome.


Welcome back Mal! See you around!

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Thank you Mal, Your xp base was instrumental in my growth up until I found a max xp base.

I expect you might have trouble getting people to stop hitting you, although changing the towers around should go a long way. Not something for the forums, but people should find a list of alternatives and distribute as many folks I’ve seen don’t know of a comparable alternative xp base.

I saw that yesterday and I was a bit alarmed because you were my preferred choice of xp base, I’m right in Platinum and your base was just perfect to give me max xp for my growing babies.

Thank you very much, welcome back active, have fun! You’ll be missed as xp base…

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Thanks for the XP

Thank you.

From another chat, someone suggested XPfarmforyouXP or XpFarmsXp for around L142; I can’t test/confirm myself, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have them, I was just pretty used to Mals config, to the point of counting my Hunters taps for a perfect run :sweat_smile:

I’ll be fine, thanks anyway!

someone mentioned this in our lc, sorry to lose a good xp base :wink: glad ur playing again! welcome back :hugs:

Thanks Mal for the endless XP runs :grin::grin:

Anybody looking for comparable XP bases take a look at the link below for a list I keep up to date. Has a few similar alternatives :+1:


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