Management of individual atlas bank account

I think we all should have an individual atlas bank account for resources and gold coins. The ledger management is too much work and create conflicts among team members. There will be responsible people and some irresponsible people and sometimes we are tempted to borrow. There are members who farmed a lot but according to what i know after a week, it resets and all records are lost.

Individual account solves those problems and those taxed gold coins (team account) can be used to upgrade castle or lend it to those who may need some last minute help and depending on the policy adopted by the team. Anyone has better suggestion?

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If you have enough islands then this isn’t an issue you can split ppl up into smaller groups.
However I see how this may not be feasible for all teams.

Technically you already have your own bank…it’s your storage.
Are you asking that the current islands bank be split into 50 individual accts? So if you have a bank with a capacity of 25M gold, that capacity would be split into 50 slots of 500k gold max, so each member can store no more the 500k gold (and even less food, etc.)??
Or are you also asking to be able to manually assign each team member to an island (like u would appoint a banker)?
Unless you have many banks this idea becomes not so helpful anyway as each members storage capacity would be very low. No?

Just have 50 individual accounts, each for each members regardless of the number of castles the team has. No matter which castle is your home when you transfer gold or rss it will go to your individual bank account that can be seen at your home castle for convenience sake but the reaources did not literally stay in that castle but a centralised individual bank for all 50 members.

What is yours is yours and don’t get mixed up with anybody else and so no argument.

The taxed portion will go to a centralised team bank for upkeep use and management. The officers can then choose which castle to upkeep. I only see that troops require to be literally located in castle not the rss. When the team requires upkeep, they tax the required amount when the officers deem fit to tax from time to time with higher or lower tax rates.

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Is that not what your storage hut is for? Maybe you are just wanting a bit of gold protection added to your regular storage hut?

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It is actually the same thing as what PG offered now but just a reorder to avoid conflict and save the trouble of officer having to be there to transfer for us. If we have our individual acccount we can manage it ourselves while the officer manages the team account for upkeep. Yes obviously it is the purpose of protection. Maybe PG can limit a smaller storage portion for individual bank and that will force people to put some in the storage hut. It is about balancing.

Just like some PVP event is so badly designed until the team prizes are not worth it and people rather do individual prizes than to sacrifice for the team and get Low rewards at the expense of their own resources worse, paying for it. That is why I believe hey came out with team quest and retire KOTH.

There are many issues with this. One is that it’s not dependent on the island you control. When you conquer an island, anything left in the bank is there for the conquering team.

If it was tied to a team island the benefit isn’t clear…the ability to protect a very limited amount of gold? It would also be a nightmare to keep track of what island your gold is stored at if your team holds many islands.

They’re not building an online banking application here. You have a storage hut. You have a castle u can use along with others in the team. One team memeber storing too much gold in the bank and not leaving space for others to use is just as selfish. This is wear team management skills come in. Set a limit for each team member.
The only thing I agree they should change is being able to see the ledger summary for previous weeks, just like the detailed ledger.

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As an FYI we don’t let people store gold in banks unless they ask prior. Anything donated is considered a donation unless the banker specifies an amount, location and time duration that it can be stored.

We have a queue that you can sign up for (it’s usually empty) but that’s how we do it

@GeeeeeeeZE we’re too nice…nationalize the banks. Full communism now!

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I always knew you had a little Stalin in you :joy:
We are too nice though :expressionless:

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