Many problems with large scale battles


I guess we must have a reputation for fine hospitality because many guests dropped by tonight.

When you get scores of primarchs from different teams all coming at once, the 3D display gets so cluttered as to be almost unusable and the details screen from the fortress menu becomes a horror show.

I wish I had the presence of mind to screenshot what I’m talking about, but alas I had many, many defense banners to concern myself with. But I digress, the point is that there were so many prims there that the details menu literally became unusable. Line entries jumbled on top of one another, the attack symbol was often located between two lines and resulted in several mistaken attacks, and so on. As for me, I would press the attack symbol and literally nothing would happen. No matter how many times I pressed, no luck.

The 3D model was not much better, there were so many traps flying around it was really difficult to tell what was going on. And of course as new prims joined, there would be a shuffling around. Once again there was a taunter not represented graphically so that was swell. It just seems like these tools were developed for smaller scale fights since units go missing etc.

It’s really critical that the information tools we have work properly. It doesn’t work to have unusable and unclear target lists and super confusing and incomplete 3D models.

I suggest first stress testing your graphical models and information screen on a test server to see how it handles scores of primarchs from different teams all coming together one fortress. Ditto the 3D model. If we’re expected to have these large scale battles we need tools that work.

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I haven’t had the, ahh, opportunity to witness a large scale battle however I have seen primarchs disappear or teleport when there’s a lot of them at a castle and the details menu UI is just messed up normally on iPhone. UI seemed fine on my iPad but it’s been locked out of Atlas for a while. 3D issues may be difficult to fix but fixing details menu cutoff and allowing the same functionality through there as you would have by tapping a primarch would help a lot


Yes, fine point, I was using an iPhone 7+. I noticed before that the details menu had some issues but nothing like the total car wreck I saw tonight.

It definitely needs some priority dev attention and I also agree that I’d love to be able to do things currently only doable on the 3d map from the details page–but making it functional overall is clearly top priority.


Managed to grab this screenshot earlier when a much smaller force was present. You can see even here how the information presentation is suboptimal and the attack button is misaligned. Imagine it about 20 times worse and that’s what we dealt with.



Sorta like this


I’m getting flashbacks…just needs the “delayed by blocker” text wrapping around to the left side and totally blocking names, levels and troop counts to be perfect haha.


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