Many sync errors lately

Is there something up lately or have I been having a bad series of coincodences?

The last couple days, every time I log in its been the same:

  1. Collect my lumber and free chest
  2. Spend it upgrading
  3. Do egg missions
  4. Go to Atlas
  5. Check on rider missions / collect / send new
  6. Do a beast to get gold
  7. Buy troops
    -> insta-sync error

When the game reloads, its as if I never logged in EXCEPT the free chest is spent and farmers too. Everything else I gotta do over :expressionless:

What’s up with this?


I have definitely seen more sync errors this weekend than usual. Not using the same steps as you but definitely more than usual


Amazing you got to step 7 ! So frustrating and PG doesn’t really have an answer except everything looks good after checking game logs…hate the wasted time

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