Many Tooltips are out of date / incorrect

Low priority job - maybe something for an intern to fix up over the summer.

Heaps of tooltips have really old or incorrect information.

These don’t phase old players but I reckon they could be confusing for new players.

A few examples here.

This tooltip suggests you can collect gold at gold mines or castles.

Gold mines don’t exist anymore and you cannot raid gold from a castle.

I can raid gold from other players bases, but player bases are not castles.

I have never seen 48 hour timers drop from a monument or be in a bronze or gold chest as claimed in this tool tip.

This one claims inner fires can be crafted at the forge. My forge doesnt have them.

This one claims that scrolls are also used to upgrade gear. I have never seen any gear that needed a scroll to be upgraded.

This tooltip is correct but it could also mention that XP potions can be obtained from dragon quests.

The tooltip that shows how much food or wood can be raided is broken and or very out of date.

I.e. I can attack a player with 1mn available food and get zero. If I bookmark him and check every 15 mins it still says 1mm food but on 8 attacks over a few hours the result is zero food raided.

The tooltip for medals earned in a week is again broken. Im not sure what number it uses but it definitely is not correct. Inactive players without a team go up faster than me :smiley:

The dragon armor ( cosmetic gear ) tool tip suggests you can get clothes from weekly events. We haven’t really seen this part of the game progressed for a few years and they are no longer obtainable in weekly events.

Again just minor things and probably a good job for an intern to fix up. Cheers.


Do you fly much? I get some of those every week or so


Even so, the chest part of the tooltip is incorrect.

The only way I’ve seen that you can get 48-hour timers is from the forge.


And so is this post technically, both should be corrected to what’s accurate

Do you… do you want me to comment on this? Probably best if I don’t :grimacing: you wouldn’t like it


I mean, you can if you want. There are no 48-hour timers in chests (I’ve looked, and I’ve never gotten any). They don’t drop from monuments (or maybe I’ve been unlucky). The only real way to get them is from the forge.

Edit: also, special season branches… if that’s what you were thinking of when you responded to my reply. I’m not counting those though because they only come a couple of times a season.


They do, only in between events though

On second look maybe it’s only 24hr ones that drop :thinking:. Meh, I don’t care enough to verify


me neither. I never noticed anything better than 3 HR timers from monuments but then again, how can you tell. I only seen the 24 and 48HR timers in event prizes and the forge. Never from chests


They do maybe if you were to play the game every so often you’d know that

I do play the game. I fly a lot, I’m pretty active, and I’ve never gotten a single drop of those.


Biggest I have seen from a monument is 3hrs and they are rare.

1 hour also rare.

15 minutes and 3 minutes more common but even they seem to be rare lol.


Sounds like you get them like all the time so cant be hard to post a ss or a vid of 48h timer dropping from monument and make the rest here look like noobs who don’t play this game hard and down to the nitty gritty.

Richard - nothing to level during PRT so just some hundred invader runs per day, 2m troops killed last week and never have I ever seen a 48h timer drop from a monument or from a bronze chest.


I do think that these need to be updated, but I do believe a higher priority should be placed on updating the Atlas tutorial. Aka doing away with it completely and making a totally new one.


Would also love to see a screenshot / screen record of a 48h timer dropping from a monument. The only ones I get are from what I forge.

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24hr timers drop outside events at about the same rate as a gold chest.
I have had them drop occasionally while testing drop outside of events
I have never tried to get screenshots of it but will try to snag one next time one pops up ! :facepunch:


on 5 accts and 5 years of a lil bit more than casually playing I only seen 1 gold chests from a monument drop…never seen a 3 HR, 12 HR, or 24 HR tiimers

Those drop once every 400 or so monuments. That’s what I was told over a year and a half ago. They drop once every month or two for me.

I think he meant from the boats.

These, however, do not drop from monuments or boats.

Yes they do but only when there isn’t an event going and the drop rate is worse than gold chests during an event

I’m trying to find where it was announced but I can’t find the right key words


You are correct but I can’t find it either :rofl:

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I got 24 hr from monument, but never seen 48hr drop like ever

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