Marav or Luzok? Which is better?

So… I have both Luzok and Marav. Personally, I think Marav is better than Luzok. Though Luzok has high HP, Marav has higher attack and better spells. His over-powered Ghostly Barrage spell is so cheap and deals multiple damage to multiple towers. Sometimes even one-hitting them! And his passive spell, Invoke: Remembrance, is way better than Makota’s passive spell. Tip for Marav: give him rage, wisdom, and health runes rather than attack runes. When attacking a high-level base, give 30%+ attack and dragon health. If your Marav is level three and if all of his runes are maxed out, he can wipe out a level 50-60 base even when you are level 35! So, a lot have people replying have been saying luzok is better. Here is how i fly him. First, I hit the two towers at the back so Marav’s passive spell activates. Then, I use Invoke: remembrance to finish the three towers in the middle. If Marav’s ammo is reloading, I use ghostly barrage. If there is a red mage tower. I wait for a few seconds for the ammo to reload, then attack and use ghostly barrage.
A lot of people prefer luzok at least try flying him and appreciate that they made him

Thing you have to remember is you are very small.
The bases you see, the spells you have, etc. will all be very different vs, a bigger player.


Ya scroll down real’ fast

@RuRuRuntsfam true

Luzok is better. Honestly I think if they’d tweaked him a little bit he could have been a mythic. Marav’s red spell is terrible


I only have Marav and Hueso, but based on my experience with them, Luzok is probably the better dragon.


Also, remember, personally.

Yup. That’s why it is important to understand your lower level.
Once you start to unlock more and more spells on them your opinion may change after a while.


@RuRuRuntsfam yess

Their opinion will change maybe once they find a good technique when using Marav

Trust me, bigger level bases and dragons are much* different. Your experiences will not be shared by bigger players


I’d say Luzok is a better choice since it’s a better Aristrat, Hueso is a fun dragon too fly, Morta = a dragon that can easily die by signs of things but is still fun too fly if you use her right, Marav I don’t really like sadly.

Marav has very little flying technique compared to other invoker like morak which rely on shot placement flawlessly to actually survive
Marav basically kill blue mage and hope that it die so you can use the dodge spell to reload ammo and tank after that, not much skill need
Luzok on the other hands is better as you basically have infinite free rage regeneration and heal although healing is a bit weak. You basically spam the breath attack and the spell flux whenever without much problems and dodging attack whenever you can, it’s synergies very well with each other


Don’t forget, this dude is a level 35 it seems so he will only have gold divines.

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You need around 40 to even have green


Crap, I thought that’s I wrote lol

Marav is a decent little dragon. Luzok is a very pretty dragon. I find them both a bit frustrating to fly, but capable of killing. I don’t think there’s a wrong choice here.


How dare you insult Luzok like that?!?!

Ummm :grimacing:

Depends on the attack power-tower health ratio. If the health is high, it does virtually nothing… hence the “ummm” I put above.

If the health is low enough.

Why a wisdom rune?

Mine isn’t level three :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are quite a few decent to really good warriors (the only “decent” being Luzok… the “really good” being Gig, Meglok, and Lockjaw. Every other one is trash :rofl:).

Hypothetically speaking, Luzok was the only legendary divine worth going for this season. The others were underwhelming, and extremely underpowered, but at least Luzok was usable. At your level, pretty much any divine dragon is good. At higher levels, you’re more limited, and more skills/spell types are needed to clear bases. At endgame, well… that’s a different story. Things change with level.


Sorry, Ghostly Barrage isn’t Marav’s main power tbh. Not really reliable spell.

I’d suggest for you to try flying Marav after you’re much higher before giving tips.
Optimized bases at higher level are harder, especially 300 and beyond, where 5+ maxed towers with flaks and howie are common.


Both have different purposes.


@OrcaFrost for level 50 bases at least XD once I reach your level my opinion will chamge

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