Marav remembrance spell

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This rememberance spell does not destroy what the tutorial shows…
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Yes it does, it’s supposed to increase the damage output of the shot.

This is with a regular shot.

This is with the invoke shot.

Both were against the same base and no shots were fired before the photo.

Wait… you said not the same as the tutorial… did you expect it to one shot the towers? :joy::joy::joy::joy: It will do that once Marav’s AP is high enough and if the tower has less health.


Marav doesn’t have a passive five-tower death gaze?? I’m officially contacting support for my refund.


Thank You
Mark Borths

Might want to edit your posts to remove your email (and name) mate @BADTIO


Marav is ok I can hit 5 towers with invoke shot must be placed on the right spot

Honestly Marav kinda sucks. All the other Invokers either have a white cloak or a white slowdown spell to refill ammo but Marav’s is blue - and i know that Marav is the discount but last season we had Krelos as the discount. Krelos has 3 white spells, a one shot spell, a way to gain rage and two ways to dodge damage, one being white. marav has one white/passive spell and it’s invoke, a red spell that deals damage unreliably and it’s only way to dodge damage is blue and doesn’t work on beams.


5?? Or did you do it while dreaming? I’ve never even hit 4 before.

It can apparently cause ronin can with some specific layout and placement of execute also it’s the same size with vine

Ps: never test with marav cause I don’t bother lv a dragon that cant dodge anything if a blue mage is present ( front blue that is)


I can hit all 5 towers on some islands with noxious vines, I “think” island 8, and 4 for sure, and maybe others I dont recall right now, so if remembrance is same size, then so can it.
Shot placement is important, so I hit 5 sometimes, and hit 3 or 4 other times, need more practice…

Then my Marav is just weaker than the average weak Marav. :frowning:

People say I’m lying but try it when I record it I destroy 4 towers and when I’m not trying I get all em

There are some spots where you can hit 5. It’s not everywhere. Just some very specific spots.


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