Marav’s Disembody


So I would like to start off saying I’m absolutely loving Marav so far, but I would like to also add that it can be quite a hassle to get through islands with even a single blue mage. Marav’s main defensive spell is Disembody, a blue spell that cloaks the dragon and protects from all non-beam shots. Disembody being blue comes as a problem, because we have no way to protect ourselves as long as we don’t focus on the blue mage first, and any effort to blink is futile since the blue mage will just cancel Disembody all over again. If Disembody was white, we could use our first round of ammo on a mage of either color (because they would drain our rage anyway), and our second set from Disembody on whatever beam towers there are, or other towers if there are no beam towers. Without Disembody being white, we’re limited on choices, forced to go for the blue mage, and could die right then and there. A color change would really be helpful.

Idk who to tag for this, so I’m just going to tag Galileo:

@PGGalileo do you think you could do this? It would make Marav a lot more enjoyable than he already is.


it is kinda how spells was before white came along


Since I started playing I don’t recall even once that pg buff a legendary


Maybe this could be their first time? :sweat_smile:

legendarys are like the old way of playing had to hit them mages or sand before you could cloak and that was blue so you have to take that blue out or disable it!

they never buffed but have nerfed only 1!

my honest opinion they will not because before white was only red and blues even on the mythic dragons and always have to take that blue out

so we had red and blue only spells which had to deal with red and blue mages on top of storm towers and with the newly added dark flak which was a beast we had to think of our shots!


Pg ani’t going to touch him…

If* it was a mythic, then that’s a different situation, but because he ani’t a mythic. The likelihood of Pg doing any adjustments to him is slim to none.


Kinnarus got a nice buff/improvement. But maybe before mythics? I don’t remember when that became a thing.


Not about disembody, but can someone explain the spectral resist spell? Like what is considered a “physical tower”? When the spell’s symbol is the resist looking symbol the resist is on and when it’s the white spell it’s off?

No… please don’t remind me of Kullecid! :rofl:


Physical towers are basically anything that isn’t a beam attack. As for when Spectral Resist is toggled: Shield = Active - White Spell Icon = Inactive


I’m in the same boat it saids 50% reduces all physical damage…

So is that resistance the same as elemental resist but can be toggled off and on to restore 20% of the dragon modified Hp?

Aka… A toggled elemental resist(with healing)


Howitzers arent beams though and are not included on the list of towers it protects against. Nor are Fire Turret standard shots


It’s more of a 50% Flak + Useless Tower resist that can be toggled off to heal


Better than speculating over description :eyes:


I wonder what people would do in the past when we only had blue and red spells :thinking: make them all white and at best 0 rage coast so u can kill it all.


On the flip side, ice flaks didn’t exist back then :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m personally indifferent about Marav (Maybe because I haven’t flown him yet), but it’s also worth considering all sides imo.


Good luck :+1:t3:

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lmao the only one that has ever got a nerf being a legendary haha

Maybe decreasing his flight speed to 0 during disembody would help??