March Ban Wave?


Not sure if everyone remembers this:

@PGJared could we maybe get the March version of this? Feels like it’s about due. Every other month seems a bit slow but I’ll take it.


Can we call it a pan wave?


I’d say overdue…


As far as I’m aware (and PGJared can chime in if this is inaccurate), we don’t have specific times or dates set for when we roll out ban waves. We work on cheating on the back end, determine which players are cheating, and ban as necessary. If we get to a point where another ban wave will roll out, we’ll be sure to make another post about it!

…sorry, “pan” wave, of course. Maybe even the cast-iron kind, to show ‘em we’re really not messin’ around. :smiling_imp:


Let me know if you need a list of my teammates that were duped. Don’t want them caught up in the crossfire.


This, of course, is another thing we try to mitigate when ban waves roll around…we definitely don’t want them caught there as well. :slight_smile:


It is definitely overdue though, you can feel it creeping back into the game.


Referring to that guy who was #2 in feed event and tried hiding on an xp team as if that would prevent the server sweep? :joy:


There is a guy on llGodFathersll who had an account that hit me every day for 5 days and “grew” from level 97 to 214 in that time lol. With full obsidians. 🤷 Reported and was banned.

Same guys now has another account. Level 148. Started last week. :roll_eyes:


Something seems fishy about this… Sounds like it’s panning time


I can never understand blatant cheating. I mean don’t they even have the intelligence to hide what they’re doing?


Let’s keep it this way :speak_no_evil:

Easier to pan!




Sorry guys, I was wrong posting the level of the player. He was level 148 YESTERDAY. :roll_eyes:

Today’s screenshot


You have to have the right proportion of cheaters to legitimate players. It keeps the sense of competition alive and reminds you that if you could code, you too could fly Harbinger dragons for a week for free.

And then do it again the next week. :man_shrugging:


Forgot my sarcasm tag… Again.


Thats really not so bad…I just wish the bimonthly pan sessions would use the other definition.


Clearly he is trying out for MonstersDesert


Watch the rest of his team too :wink: particularly one high level officer who happens to back every one of his runs :eyes:


We’re working on some fun new tools to make it so we can be more proactive in banning and not have to do ban-waves. That said, stay tuned.