Marking continents/castles


Currently, we can mark castles with either a green or red dot and give guidance to our team. This works great for movement also…within ownable regions.

However, we strongly need (especially with the size of the map now and the fact the safe zone is no longer a perimeter circle of sorts)…we strongly need the ability to mark safe zone castles so that we can set a path for our teams to follow to get places.


I was thinking about this the other day too when i was trying to plan a route to go pick up some troops (before pvp).

Would you prefer to be able to set your own path for the team?
Or do you think forts in which your team has “free passage” should perhaps turn into a blue shield or something other than Red? This would be more automatic but your team would still have to be aware of the forts you need to request permission on.


That would be great. Shield colour changes if you have passage there.


This is the current functionality:

The red “circle” disappears around a castle you have passage for

Aka if there is a blocker it will have the “red circle”, if you have passage - no red circle.


That is good to know. Lol. Thank you. Still new to atlas haha


Haha no worries. I hated blockers (delays) with a passion for the first month or two I had beta. Used to frustrate the crap out of me. Still does sometimes if I’m not paying attention :rofl:


Oh i didn’t know that at all. That’s good to know


Forgot to add:

The new functionality where no fort = no blockade, means some islands can have a red circle but not block you because there is no fort. I would assume this will be addressed soon.


Good idea YM. We’re working on shared routing, but in the meantime it would be nice to be able to set ‘targets’ on neutral continents to help sketch routes that go through neutral territory. Sounds like you’re going somewhere far away … big plans?


Yeah, I’ve found some hidden treasures and ancient dragon bones that are worth a fortune. Unfortunately, it says Gustav is still in control of those lands.

With this major interference from this Gustav person, it has our team all riled up. Gustav is now on our top target list and we shall set out to destroy him away from our new kindom…

…that is, if I can figure a way to herd 49 blind mice that Keep finding all the different dead ends along the way. Sure would be nice to just be able to set them a cheese trail to sniff and follow. :rofl:


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