Marvel or DC or both?

I’m just curious everyone here is into Marvel or DC?
If it’s Marvel which Franchise?
If it’s DC which character story line?

i cant choose…i like both :upside_down_face: :muscle::facepunch::fire::boom::anger:


DC! Batman alone>>>> all of marvel. One has been serving only quantity lately :eyes::eyes: quickly runs away into a corner :sweat_smile:


DC. All DC.

(My IGN’s are DC, my team is DC. My life is DC)

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Hahaha worst ones? Is there any :joy:

I like killerforst (just relatable) :smile:

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I’ll choose Marvel over DC but I still consider myself a casual fan :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

Which story line or should I say which character story is your fav ?

DC is lame…
Marvel all the way.

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Marvel. Black panther is the shit

Marvel, most story lines are better lmao… I like the X-Men stuff, x-force was a good play on it, also a lot of the alternate reality characters (Nate gray)

Hahaha wakanda forever :woman_technologist::fist_right::fist_left:

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Yeah dark wolverine hahaha (logan son):joy:

Also Deadpool, who can forget your cuddly anti-hero?!

You mean Daken? He’s in the main universe :sweat_smile: as is x-23 (who I prefer of the 3)

Marvel has better movies, DC has better books and video games. Need to be more specific.

You miss out crazy hahahaha :laughing:

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xmen and avengers needs to be in the same world (the world confusion begins) :laughing:

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Oh DC games graphic is on point :heart:

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Marvel has better movies, better storylines, better characters…