Mashup of Red’s Rhyo 1 & 2 breeding plans?

Has anyone done it and what order did you do the dragons?

Edit: My proposed plan. The goal is to save on timers since I’m at 202.

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I bred Noctua during this event already and its incubating. Unsure if I should speed before the next breed event or skip the next event. 300 is a long ways away and I have enough tokens for harbs already.

i would suggest you to look into Reds breeding pathes.

There you find what is good or better :slight_smile:

edit: i didnt choosed the Hedran way… because for that i had to get Slax ( had the Xenot way) , and less eggs for builder… , so i did all with Noctua and Archimera over Rhyo…

Thats way Lokan, Opes and Estril came out quicker… Less waittime because Slax breeding out, and good builder eggs (even 1 harbinger over estril) :slight_smile:

My plan is a mashup of Red’s Rhyo 1 and Rhyo 2 plans. I’m wanting eggs for the builders hut and also strong dragons. Timers are the issue … not egg tokens.

But I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. Wanna make sure I have as much input at possible. The second pic shows what will be in the incubator after dragon breeding.

Well, after Rhyo you can go Slax+Hedran… or Lokan… so i choosed Lokan because you get directly Obsidian eggs.

No need for the many days for Slaxs breeding… , so it was for me a short cut. Hope we understand eachother now better :slight_smile:
That way before rajin you have more obsidian eggs + 1 harbinger egg for eggmissions if you like.
Otherwise over hedran there are garnet and emerald eggs…

Hm, I don’t think this is a very good plan; it seems to breed an unnecessary dragon and is thus costs ~114k more than either Rhyo 1 or Rhyo 2.

Rhyo 1 and 2 are pretty similar. The only difference is getting Lokan instead of Hedran on step 6–so, S Rhyo 2 offers faster harb evolution for divines if you’re near 330 (not relevant to you), the best lineage harbinger hunter earlier (possibly relevant to you), and faster obsidian eggs (relevant to you). The trade-off is that it costs 60k tokens more, 19k of which you get back if you go to Raijin J 2.

It sounds like you should probably just do vanilla S Rhyo 2. Versus your proposed plan, it seems cheaper overall and gets you builder hut eggs sooner. :+1:


Regular Rhyo 2 will only give me 11 obsidian eggs for builders hut before 300 :confused:

Edit: Wait, duh! I can make the obsidian eggs for the purpose of eggs instead of through a new dragon. Thanks Tinsir. I had a huge brain fart. :joy::kissing_heart::hugs:

Make a 12th :slight_smile:

Edit: oops didn’t see your edit

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Rhyo + Archimera will give you a Wraith egg for 14k, the cheapest available combo. :slight_smile:


I knew ya’ll were much smarter than me. :heart_eyes:

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