Mass Ban and wars. Complete sentence

As long as it’s ok with the forum mom i’d Like to make a suggestion. Next time a mass ban happens can wars be suspended so those of us who don’t cheat don’t get screwed with 7 wars?

In my opinion, no. Your team had cheaters and somehow benefited likely. It happens. Take the loss and move on.

I’d like the see the system ANNOUNCE the removal of a player in TC (like what happens when you kick someone). This has been suggested many times.


I think they’ve already said they won’t notify the team as it could lead to other issues, etc.

Heh, forum mom. That’s funny.


Teams gain advantages when their players cheat, therefore, they have to face the consequences when those players are punished. It is unfortunate if the teammates don’t know about the cheating and that the team is hurt, but they unknowingly reaped the benefits too. PG is doing things correctly by not informing teams ahead of time or suspending wars.


I think that what they’ve said they won’t do is ADVANCE notification. I could be wrong.

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