Mass-Open Atlas Chests Discussion Thread

Discuss the feature of mass-opening Atlas Chests here!


Will we still get the bonus chests ?

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IF we still get bonus chests that are auto opened then this is fantastic. If we dont then… actually it’s still great, I’d still take it and sacrifice a small amount in order not to have to be tapping for 30 minutes when opening 800+ chests


@PGGalileo Just to make sure, by “Atlas Chests” you mean the Badge Chests (called “Atlas Lotusbloom Chest” in this season), and not just the ones called “Atlas Chest” that contain shards and stuff?

Conditional halleluja here, pending confirmation of the above :grin:



Whilst this seems great, I frankly don’t trust it to produce the same quantity of sigils & can you at least tidy the icons & buttons up. They look amateur in the new format. Did you let the intern have a go or something?

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Your normal chests opened will display first, then your bonus chests.

It’s both.


Yep both X. :slight_smile:

PS: This is awesome!

It finally came here.
Thanks for PG doing nice job.

Ty baby jesus. Ty tom cruise for working your voodoo magic.

QOL Announcement:

Gold drops on regular Atlas chests are not packs, but actual gold. So if you open all, and get too much gold beyond your storage capacity, say bye bye to the overflow.


A boat for everyone! (Oprah Meme)

Thanks PG!

Thank you for this. A good change.

If I could hug you, I would. A nice, long, extremely awkward and kind of unsettling hug. Thank you.

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Hi @PGEggToken feature looks very nice!

On the topic of opening chests has the team identified what is causing the issue on event chests for android users and is there a fix landing soon?

In case you are not aware of the issue since last event (temple raid) many (maybe most?) Android users cannot view event chests when they open them.

If I open 10 chests I can see the graphic of 1 item very fast ( although I cant make out what it is ) and then the game freezes.

Some players can hit the back button twice to go back to base screen. Some users need to restart the game.

Apple iOS users not having this issue.

As you can imagine it sucks not knowing what you got when you open either a single or 10 pack of chests.

Sometimes I even get weird graphics like this one.

Hopefully you guys can resolve it soon :slight_smile:


This change is phenom-a-bomb. I can actually do atlas again without wanting to shoot myself later for it! But, hopefully with this change the gold in atlas chests can be switched to packs. Because unless you’re opening a few of them with the “open all” button you’re likely to be wasting a lot of gold due to overflow @PGGalileo

But thank the heavens for the mass open of badge chests. Finally!


This is absolutely fantastic!!! You have saved countless hours for your most active players. Toutes mes ficelles de caleçon!


On my iPad I have some weird scaling of the menu. Looks like it may be intended for iPhone and just being scaled up to fit the larger screen.

It still works and is a nice QOL improvement though.


FINALLY :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: