Massive Event Glitch Requires Immediate Attention!


The glitch is strong with this King of the Hill

At the start I was able to attack and build up my bonus meter. Then I started having issues. Support was not understanding me and kept reffering me to glitches the team is working on that don’t have anything to do with my reports. I have now been able to get support to understand my issues and I believe they are working on it.

Issues were: attacks locking up, using energy but not being able to start the run so getting zero points. Visual glitches where spells cannot be seen during runs, towers showing blank on pre-attack screen,. Game was also force closing and giving me “Not Responding” messages and looping back to event screen when I would click the attack button. Team rank list showing as half blank, cannot access my own teams information.

The glitches experienced by GhostxDarkness below are far worse and need immediate attention.

Edit reason: Triage of glitch importance. Mine are low priority and are being looked into. Ghost does not have anyone looking into it and is a much higher priority imo


My league is having the same issue. Only 1/3 of the castles can be attacked. Points are not correct,the entire league is effected and I’ve sent numerous tickets with no answer. It has been broken over 9 hours at this point. Help! Please answer


There seems to be a total misunderstanding for what going on. We cannot participate in our league in these event. The towers have been like this for 9 hours league wide! We can only attack 1/3 of the towers, and the response I get is if I’m a nube​:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: Please HELP




After a few hours back and forth with support I finally made some headway. They have transferred my issues to the devs as they said they seem to be unique issues and have not received similar reports.

After the 3rd time being told they are looking into the issue and that another issue had been fixed (even though neither of those issues they mentioned had anything to do with my reports) I asked them a question as polite as possible. Something along the lines of “You sound as though you are unfamiliar with the game, do you play this game? If not is there someone there who does play as they may understand these issues better.” Bam! Transferred to a new agent and escalated to the devs.

I guess we just need to learn the proper questions to ask. This all started because I want to send a team email, smh


Wow! That is much more severe than my issues. How can they not understand straight from one of those screenshots.

If it is the weaker fortress? It is every single higher tier fortress. Just wow

Im sorry dude, I hope they can sort this out for you all.

@PGJared @PGEggToken @Arelyna @GhostxDarkness needs help ASAP! Those are some major issues


It’s the entire league having the same issue. We are in an active Plat3.look at my team rank, it hasn’t changed. There gonna lose a whole league worth of teams over this. Up for grabs is about 6 lower towers, but you can tell by my rank drop how much time has went by and the top towers are the same.

I don’t know what else to do, I get a response as if I’m a nube and never played before.


Yeah, I saw the rank change, bonus meter and figured it had been some time, those towers should not be BlackBlood anymore, that is crazy. Anyone who plays should be able to know almost right away something is seriously wrong.

When support fails me I post here and tag the PX team. They are outstanding and understand the game so I usually get good responses from them.

They are probably sleeping now but hopefully they see this thread soon and get you some help.


Thanks for the help, just a little frustrated. The 1st hour event worked great. When the towers shields fell off for the 1st time, when under team control is when the trouble happened, Everyonenin my team and as far as I can tell by League chat, are having the same issue.


From the looks of it the whole league is facing the same problem. Need to look into it really quickly


After the message above, that came off a bit like, your a nube and don’t know what your doing.

I received a very nice and technically specific message and have faith that it is being looked at.


yes in my league, we can’t take down the forts because they are stuck belonging to the blackwood. Meanwhile the team that has the mos point registered is gettign masive team points. I dont understand why no one is paying atention to what is happenig. These screenshots were taken at 12:30am PST on friday november 17th. @PGjared @PGEggToken @Arelyna, Please help us fix fix this problem. Our league has no way to gain point if no one is able to take down the islands taken by the blackwoods. The forts are apperently giving points to top attacker, otherwise explain how are they first place without owning any forts?

King of the Hill problems

Its fair i hate that why u should do something with that also same problem why always like that look of that 100hp wall to done but u can not take that island that team now in the top of event coz of that please do something


Looks like we are in the same league. As you can see there are only 3 teams listed in my league and mine isn’t even one. Also as described above most of the event castles are listed as blackblood and less than 100 points left.


Same issues for my league. In the same league as @ghostxdarkness. I sent a ticket with screenshots over 7 hours ago and updated it three times with no response at all from PG. it’s true to everyone’s belief that they just don’t care about anything but the money. Doesn’t matter how much the players have to suffer.


@pixxel @pgeggtoken @arelyan somebody do something about this crap please.


Oh good, someone is looking into it. I’m glad they finally realized there was a massive problem. Hope it’s fixes for you soon. :slight_smile:


I received another update message, but still no ETA. At this point it has been 17 hours since the event last worked for the entire league.

I appreciate the hard work going into fixing this, but I’ve seen my rank go from top 200 to 2500 during the course of these events.


Sorry about this folks! The team has been looking into this, as soon as the team is able to sort this out, I’ll update this thread.

King of the Hill problems

At last someone responded. Hope this is resolved as soon as possible😊