Massive Token Shortage

Has anyone else noticed that they are very light on tokens compared to normal. Many in my team and many in my league say that they are as well. Even with the egg boost bonus from the beginning of the season it still seems like I am getting even less with that then I would without double production which really makes no sense. I am on religiously throughout the day doing all my missions as soon as they pop as well as grinding chests which has also seen a great decline in egg drops. I feel that PG is decreasing drop rate even more so than what it already has been making progression even harder.

@PGEggToken @Arelyna can we get some answers an increase the droprate this has been a constant struggle you guys seem to not be able to fix now it is just getting worse there has also been much talked about increasing missions which I won’t bring up as it has been beaten like a dead horse yet again with no response

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I opened 500 bronze chests during an earlier PvP event this season and was getting an average of 8/chest vs 10-13/chest from other seasons opening the same amount. It’s highly dependent on how many of the 300 and 1.1k epic drops you get. :sob:

Whether rates actually changed or not, I don’t know :see_no_evil:

I have not seen this.

Nope, Ive been getting plenty. The shortage is in inner fires and energy packs. Drop rates have been god awful this season. What ever they did to the drop rates I hope they change them next season

That must be your luck every SS of a 10 pack has 6/8drops out 10chests fires an packs haha gotten tons an tons of them barely a 1.1k or 3k eggs drop outta every 20-30 golds is crazy

im getting also a fair amount of Tokens out of bronze and gold chests

If anything, anecdotal comments and accusations like this hurt everyone else. Your blind accusations are clearly based on almost nothing. All it does is discourage PG from implementing changes in response to legitimate feedback. When players blindly complain even when positive changes are made, what incentive does PG have to implement changes at all?

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Sorry ya feel that way bothing blind about it we have pulled hundreds of gold chest drops among multilple members. With the majority of us coming up shorter than usual. But congrats to the rest of you keeping pace an getting luckier drops guess better bust out some more cash!

The fact that you think it’s based on luck demonstrates your complete and utter ignorance on the subject matter. Do you also think that dragon breeding results are luck-based?

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The shortage is in TIMERS. No issues for me with tokens

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I’ve been getting ~40-60 inner fires per every ten gold chests.

I disagree, got 150 12 hours this event alone with gold chest pops. Perhaps drop rates are served based?

Maybe nothing is wrong and people just open 100 chests and think they are getting screwed. . . hence why one person says tokens, one says timers, one says not timers but IF, one says not IF but heal pots, and yet another says energy packs.

Unless you open thousands and thousands of chests yourself you will always get more of or less of something that you think was supposed to be something else. And even then most people will find something to whine about.

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If anything I’m noticing more tokens from bronze chests. So I think it’s just luck.

Feels like as of maybe a few weeks to a month ago I’ve been getting better egg tokens from bronze… @forScience has had the opposite though so who knows :man_shrugging: it’s also possible that I am a space cadet and am just thinking “come onnnn sigils” when I open bronze

I think that you stole my egg tokens and should return them to me :angry:

Finders keepers I always say you shouldn’t leave them just laying around all willy nilly

Yup cause that’s what your team is all about :joy::joy::joy:

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