Massively irritating Atlas problem

Ok, my team is doing an attack with a few other teams.
I am only level 250 but I wanted to go, but I really can’t.
Why? Because I cannot travel to a friendly base a half a screen south without going through a million enemy bases first.
PLEASE fix the paths, if there is nothing between you and a mine or a base or whatever, why can’t we directly travel there?? Why do we have to go 4 screens east, then 2 screens west, 1 north, then 2 south, to get somewhere that is 1 screen south??

Could you show me where this area of the map is that you’re referring to? You can always use the move next command one step at a time.

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Where it says Home, and all that stuff beneath it

There is no path there, so its kind of logical that you have to move around? Think about entering a property at the gate, the fence is there to control access to make sure its only via the gates


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