Matchmaking Algorithm?

I couldn’t find if this has ever been asked (at least on the “new” forums) so I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly the game decides to populate the “Matchmaking” tab?

I usually start to wonder this when I’m grinding food or wood and get almost what I need so I go out for one more run and wouldn’t you know it, I return and my base is shaking and I’m not anywhere near my goal any longer.

Or like just now, I’ve had my device in the game nearly all day while at work with no attacks but I take a break and help a team mate on an xp run and as soon as I get back, presto, hit again.

Just wondering if there are any nefarious happenings at work here or purely coincidental. As a programmer, I know it’s not random, just wondering if Castix or anyone that pokes around has ever seen anything alluding to the methods at play here.

In COC I know if you are in you base, so screen is open and you are chillin you don’t show up on matchmaking list but they kick you out and make you refresh after so much time. it would be nice if WD did something like this. it would really help with your exact situation, actively grinding to a goal.

Matchmaking has been updated months ago and finally matches you with many other players around your level so I don‘t see any reason to change this.

When you‘re full of RSS you become a target. Use a teammate or Atlas banks to bounce RSS back and forth to keep them protected or use a RSS boost to some degree.

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yeah, I do bounce and I wasn’t asking for a change, I was just wondering if it was my imagination that it was tied into the fact that I go off flying and am defenseless or “almost” make it to my goal when I need to use it or something evil like that.

There are days I can sit here holding a million each (gulps as he hears people bookmarking him) but when I need to use it, sometimes it seems like the game “knows” this (which it clearly does).

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