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Hello all together,

I have a little problem with matchmaking in wars. And i read in League Chat that iam not the only one with this Problem.
At first something about me… Iam new in this game for about 3—4 weeks now and have to say it makes really much fun. Only the thing that you could make war against teams which are much lower than you isnt that fun…
Our team is a new made team with only 13—19 members… we are doing preaty well at events… but in wars you get so oftnen opponents which are about 40—50 players in team… with that fact that team has enough flames to win without doing only one fight… thats isnt fun and makes new Clans crash very fast… and new players quit the game very fast caus in most big clans there is a minimum of lvl you need to join.

To the makers of War Dragons… pleas make something different to matchmaking… something like „you could only fight against teams which are +—5 members higher or lower than yours“ or something like „automatchmaking“ you hit a button to find a opponent and the game searches for opponents which have nearby the same members and the same strenght…

With the actually matchmaking i could make a new clan with 49 inactive nembers and me and i win every war again little clans with doing nothing… thats not a feature thats a glitch…

What do you think about this? Please give you real mean to me!

(sry 4 my bad english :“) hope you know what i mean


Welcome to the game :v:️. Starting a team is awesome however there are still many things for you to learn about this game. I suggest you apply to another team and learn from experienced players so that you can become a strong leader. If you do that you will soon learn how difficult it is to get 50 players that all participate in war, and you will also grow. Your level will help attract new players to your team. Good luck.


To Clarify haertner is my officer . In a clan I made recently after left a higher lvl team.
The point he’s making is valid thou. Isent it a little bit broken that full teams can just win on default. Making it more a game about amount of ppl . Then about working hard.
Wouldn’t it be better to somehow fix so that maxed teams can’t nuke smal teams and let the smal teams battle it out while trying to grow in members. We have a all active/very active team and intend to continue like that. It’s up to us team to keep our teams active. Or atleast I feel so. But to constant get knocked down by teams of 45 or more choosing you just because they win without lifting a finger. They don’t need to do a single attack . Even if my team does all theirs.
I did spend time in decently high tier teams and learned Aloot. Our point is just asking for ideas and there’s got to be a way to make a slightly better war matching. Then it’s the part I’ve seen on other forums. Where many teams means it’s kinda covardly to pick wars that are won on default and some don’t.
But to be honest we are just asking how others feel about the system.
Personally I much
rather enjoy a war against a somewhat even team. It feels useless to just win on doing nada.


Ahh I see. Then I think it’s better to attack the real issue then. For every 1 person a team doesn’t have, the team loses 5 flames on defense and offense. Honestly I think teams that aren’t full should get the flames they could of had if they were full starting from the lowest level bases. This would keep most wars competetive.

But on the other hand it makes sense for a team with less members to lose. If pg were to do what i suggested I could go to gold league and war every team in the league everyday and never lose. 250 to 245 easy


I agree that the war system is unfair to teams with fewer members. However, there seems to be no interest on the part of PG, or the community at large, to change it. The most common reply is simply “recruit more players and get a full roster.”

At one point, I suggested a two-part approach that would, I think, make for more fair and more interesting matches.

A) If the defending team in a war has fewer players than the declaring team, then the declaring team must limit its participants to match. That is to say, if I have 50 players and I declare on you when you have only 40, then I pick 10 of my players to sit out, and we battle 40-40. If the magic number of 250 flames still needs to be maintained, then we BOTH start out with 50.

B) HOWEVER, if the declaring team has FEWER players than the defending team, then the current rules still apply. So, in the above scenario, if YOU declare on ME, then you get penalized the 50 flames for being short.

That would prevent teams of one or two high-level players from abusing the system to move up, but also help protect teams of fewer players from being bullied.

I think it is a fair compromise, but I’m not sure if it could be incorporated into the game, even if there WAS an interest.

Just my 2¢…


I would absolutely love to see something like that implemented …


Honest question - why should small teams be able to compete with teams that managed to get 50 members in war? It’s honestly not difficult to get 50 people to fill your ranks, just lower your requirements and get some “meat shields” in there to help soak up some flames. As your team improves, swap out the inactive/bad players for the better ones.

All Diamond teams started with less than 50 players, we have all been in the low leagues, we have all struggled to get where we are. Take in some active low levels - that was the best decision I ever made as a leader.


But why should it be so hard to start up with a new team… why to take all the trash in a clan only to get „meat shields“?

with a little fix this problem could get solved… just built in a +—5 person range and all is done…
I dont understand why i could fill up a team with 50 inactive low lvl persons, declaring war on a 15 person clan with all activ people and win without lifting a finger…


It should be hard to start up a team. If it were easy, everyone and their mother would be a leader with a tiny team.

Can you imagine a team with 15 level 350s with this system?


This is sorta why we created a league system so you could only declare on a small number of teams near your rating (instead of any team out of 4748832648959373 teams).

I think it was decent forsight building things because we built the league system when we had less than 10 teams in the game… it’s definitely had some scaling problems but it’s held up mostly


No no no no. What’s next? Allow teams to only be matched with others who’s players are same strength as you? That’s what the league structure is for.

War ain’t fair. Better teams with more players or stronger players will dominate. That’s a fact of life and of the game. Recruit, grow and you will be competitive in no time.


Yes and when u get into a higher league you will be beat by a team with more active players. Then what? Match teams by activity level? :joy:


I totally agree with Wax!


As I said, there seems to be no interest even within the community to change things. People know it isn’t fair, people know it encourages teams to kick others when they are down, people know it hurts teams who are already struggling, but they just don’t care. They like it that way and will use arguments like those above to support their preferences.


You just described most of the Bronze league… Everyone seems to want to be a leader, so you have a ton of teams with very few players. The smarter teams recruit and move up in rank as they get stronger. I have not been in Gold, but I would assume that if you do not have 40+ active players on your team, you should be in a lower league.

The war mechanics, for the most part, keep you in your proper league based on your team’s membership, activity and strength. While not perfect, it seems to work pretty well.


The game is called war dragons, not “friendly sparring match” dragons. If you have too few players and lose wars, then you’ll get knocked down to lower leagues. That’s how it works for everyone. Smart team leaders know that they need to fill their rosters and get strong before moving up. And will even lose wars on purpose to stay in a lower league if they aren’t ready to move their team up. It’s all part of the strategy of the game.


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