Max experience glitch

I have submitted tickets with no answer and days of no response as to why I have leveled up to 110 but my max experience I can gain from a base is stuck at 17k for more than the last 5 levels. Some of my tickets are deleted and never responded to. This is very frustrating, very concerning in other ways too. Is anyone else experiencing this?


So there are levels where you don’t get increased xp and transfer limits. 108, 109, and 110 is one of those plateaus. Once you get to 111, you’ll get slightly higher xp

You can find this information at


The interesting thing is that my wife’s account REL gets 17.5 max exp. and she is level 106. I’ll dig around the link you sent too. Thanks!

Research, runes, riders all have factors to play here

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What mech said. Those numbers are the base xp you get. Research, wisdom runes, and Kayla will increase those numbers from there.

Mu runes are higher. Same riders same level. The research I think is the difference. Thanks folks. Looks like I have 22 days of research to do to be like for like. :tired_face:


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