Max lvl ember vs lvl 85 mills

Can a max level ember; no gear or att runes/glyphs take out lvl 85 mills?

read morreion’s post below this

Death gaze is not 10,000%, it’s 10,000x, or 1,000,000%.

Also death gaze doubles the shot damage first (yeah don’t ask why), so effectively 2,000,000%

Without stones, ember damage is just 4,595. So death gaze damage would be 91,900,000. About on par with farms with 110% boost. Haven’t tried, but looks like no-stones ember will struggle with 85 farms on well geared bases.


Sorry just copy pasted, you’re correct

You are also correct about the point, ember can struggle versus lvl 85 farms and mills.
Ember in my roster is lvl 6, with no rider and no stones, and a few weeks ago I struggled versus lvl 85 rss buildings.
Ember wasn’t boosted, as I obviously not suspected that to happen.

Use Enki :man_shrugging:t2:

Enki isn’t standard in my roster.

Ember is an amazing dragon who deserves maxed elite gear.

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and mythic runes

One day maybe. But defence gear being fire slowed down Ember’s progress :pensive:

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Enki is just as good as Ember for those who don’t want to buy Ember stones :sunglasses:

He’s free.

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