Maximizing by minimizing , fix to base structures


As the game gets older, people will start doing extremes and have very short powerful bases. I don’t think this is how developers intended bases to be. To alleviate that, they should have permanent bonuses for additional islands open. Each island that is cleared and built on will receive a 5% additional permanent boost that all stats across all islands. Should counter those who have short bases and give more strategic options for players.

Any suggestions ?

Incentive for building out instead of up?

Short bases are more powerful because the rule to have strong bases is to build upwards, not outwards. Longer bases are easier to beat because the average level of towers is low. You can’t protect your base against other players your own level if you don’t max out the level of your strongest tower as far as possible, and you can only do that with fewer towers because you’ll hardly get enough resources for a full base. And adding 5% power for each island built will make actual strong full bases even harder to fly, not to mention xp bases…

I don’t think it’s a good idea to change the way you build bases, I think it is how developers intended it to be. The community learned that shorter bases are strong, and they learned to build them accordingly against the dragons they had to face at certain level or tier. It’s good strategy, there are guides about it too. I don’t see anything wrong with short bases, I just look for another when I encounter a tough little base. It’s a sort of protection too :grin:


Sounds like you built your base incorrectly lol


I can tell you that 90% of the players that started when the game first opened built their base wrong. You and other noobs have the good fortunate from learning from our mistakes. You are welcome :slight_smile:


Tutorial and quests encourage building outward…
It should be replaced by mech’s spreadsheet!


i think that’s just clearing fog and upgrading 5 towers to x level or something. unless I missed something in the past about that kind of quest.

they still start at your closest towers instead of the farthest area that you have cleared unless you built a perch and placed a dragon in which case they will start there.


Yep, that still exists :smiley: . It’d be neat if just clearing all the islands made the base look fancier somehow, but that’s so far down the list of priorities and gameplay impact that it’s likely “never get done” status :laughing:


i guess adding an achievement of like “Attack and destroy 1000 times in the event” Reward: 100 rubies then it becomes 1500 times and keeps on adding 500 with no limit.

For normal attack I guess “Attack and destroy 500 times in the game” Reward: 50 rubies.

Another one would be “Spend 500k Food through any means” or “Transfer 500k Food to your team mate”

Achievement like “Successfully transferred resources to each member of the team” which is only applicable to a full team (50/50). Leaving a team would reset it.

well that’s only a suggestion. these are common quest type in other games so why not?


Um why would the game not intend for players to build powerful bases? Attackers already have a huge advantage. They can use up to 5 dragons to clear a base for rss, or up to 2 for 5🔥in war. Almost every base is beatable, even ones full of max level towers. So what’s the problem? If anything we should be looking at making bases even stronger, not nerfing them like the recent archer and cannon issue.


This is a similar concern to mine, but I would argue the consequences of being an early 2015 player who did not have base building guides available would be better remedied by implementing some sort of salvage/rollback system (which I offered solutions at length for) for the players who were the “bad example” for those who came after.


Rofl… nuff said


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