Maximum XP depending on player level

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Does anyone know where I can find the maximum possible XP that I could get for dragon, depending on player lvl? For example, on level 84 I had about 12k or so, on 98 - about 14.5k (those are base numbers, without Elite and multipliers). Looks like there is much more XP on 111 (compared to my numbers) - may be after 108, or even earlier, either a big jump or it become grow much faster (or both). Would like to see, how it looks like.

I did search for that on forum, and found post with XP calculation table, but haven’t such info there. Also I don’t see such info on Amoeba. May be I missed it.

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don’t forget to multiply that according to your Dragon XP research. It should be

1 - 5%
2 - 7%
3 - 10%
4 - 12%
5 - 12%

total of 46% increase so its XXXX (base XP) * 1.46 = your max XP for your level.


level 291 = 238,655 base XP
with 5 research its 46% increase so
238,655 x 1.46 = 348,436 XP

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Thanks! Then I saw that table on Amoeba. I got the feelilng that it’s something different, because my numbers are in 1.5 or so times higher (likely caused by bonus from Hall). And what wonders, the person of 111 lvl told me that he get 32k as base xp, but that more than 2 times higher than number in the table, and that confused me.

Are you sure that it’s additive and multiplicative? Just curious.

For some reason i was under the impression that it was multiplicative because i use the approximation +38.5% for the first 4 research items.

I could very well be wrong here, just looking for confirmation one way or the other.

it’s additive, i tested it months ago when they didn’t increase the cap.

at level 300 (max XP cap), you should get the following XP based on research

research 1 (5%) = 262494.75
research 2 (5%+7%) = 279994.4
research 3 (5%+7%+10% = 304993.9
research 4 (5%+7%+10%+12%) = 334993.3
research 5 (5%+7%+10%+12%+12%) = 364992.7


If you’re a Google Sheets fan, the max XP Calc section in the XP tab there will calculate your max actual based on the various buffs. You can always just run a much higher level XP base too and get it from there.



From that calc it’s not easy to see, how the xp is changed with lvl.
By the way, I’ve asked another player of 115 lvl, and base xp is 22k there. Clarified again for 111 - how he got 32k - accidentally that was with elite.

So, yes, table from site multiplied by nearly 1.4, works fine. Thanks to all! )

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