Maxing Out Ember


So I feel like I’ve seen players who joined more recently have a maxed out Ember. I am stuck at one of the evolution stones. Is there a trick to getting them or were they event only?

No, this is not an attempt to get them to bring old evolution stones back to the game. I merely want to know if I’m missing some sort known trick.


My memory is that you have to buy a small dollar amount pack then write to support to get the stone.


Here it is:


If you buy atlas elite (the one week version) you can get the purple stone (it is purple tier after red tier, right?) by messaging support and showing them a screenshot of your receipt from either Apple or the Google Play store. They’ll hook you up with an evolution stone.

I believe a month of Atlas elite might be enough for the second stone but I’m not sure.


Regular main game elite works, too.


“pack” was generic. I couldn’t remember the details


What i remember is you needed to have spent the equivalent $$ of the orb in question

Purple = $5
Blue = $20
Orange = $100

(or whatever the small/med/big packs are, i don’t buy so that is off the top of my head for US currency)


*Note: If you have already obtained a Legendary Green dragon, but still wish to evolve Ember, you may obtain a stone through the following means:
Purchase a Value Pack of equal value and then “Contact Us” via the in-game Help menu to be granted the stone.
Purple = $4.99
Blue = $19.99
Orange = $99.99

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That’s pretty much the same link I posted above. Guess just affirmation


just noticed it after clicking yours.

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Thank you everyone that replied.

@moderators please feel free to lock/close the thread. My question has been answered.

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