May 2018 Ban Wave

Dragon Lords,

We have, just now, banned numerous players for cheating.

As a reminder to everyone, please uphold fair play in War Dragons to make the game more fun and competitive for everyone!

We can’t discuss the details of individual player accounts, but if you have any general questions you can contact our player support team via the Help button under Settings or We, additionally, will not discuss on the forums what types of cheating that people were banned for.

Thank you to everyone who continues to keep our community fun and fair!

NOTE: If you feel you were banned or rolled back in error DO NOT post that here, any other threads, or send PMs to our staff. You need to submit a ticket and go through our support system. We will NOT be reviewing tickets in this thread, other threads, or via PMs. Anyone who posts here asking for their ticket to be reviewed will have their forum account silenced.


But then where will we go for popcorn and smackdowns? :disappointed:

(good luck support team)




Any idea how many players/accounts were banned?



There seems to be some pandemonium in some league’s out there :popcorn::popcorn:


Cue the list of people saying “I didn’t do anything wrong!” :popcorn::eyes::popcorn:

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While this is a good start, I still think its just the of the iceberg of what is actually happening…


Meaning? Elaborate please.

It’s a world wide PANdemic, folks. Cue the complains from the cheaters

I just mean that I think cheating is much more widespread than this. And a lot of it might not be on the scale you saw. You saw the most egregious version…what about the person who tweaks it just a little bit?


Woohoo ban ban ban don’t let any survive, fyi I hate cheaters ruins alot of great games.
Good job PG


Is it over? I see alot of accounts I thought would have been banned are still up. :see_no_evil::joy:


I’d suggest if you think anyone is cheating to submit a ticket.


good question… by a little bit you mean instead of being a dumbass and jumping to level 400+ with all maxed everything they just do a little here and there?
Problem with cheaters is once they start its like drugs they cant get enough.


Could I make a suggestion please that the next pan wave occur during a minor event? :wink:


We do have plans to coordinate future waves without as much impact to events, however the timing worked out for this one where we wanted to execute sooner than later, and chose to roll out the wave today. This is not the only wave we plan on doing - but we won’t be saying anything further in terms of timing. :slight_smile:


Hahahahah me too!

Screen shots and support tickets seem to solve those accounts.

I don’t think we should have to do that but its bad for the game if we don’t help.
Kind of like going to the park and seeing trash on the ground.
If we leave it more just builds up and eventually the park is trashed.
However, if we pick up every little piece when we first see it the park stays clean.


For example…battle hacks, we have all seen what happens when you mod spell flux on kelvin, its super easy to tell. What happens when you just increase your dragon by say 50%? Well thats “possible” right, given the “80%” gear buff so now you cant even right an algorithm so look for things that are outside the realm of possible for anything under 80% or else people with max buffs will get autobanned. So if you dialed it up to anything under 80% it looks plausible right? Would explain a lot of the Destars running around lol.