May 2018 Ban Wave


You didn’t notice the other one that popped up the other day? lol

Starts with an r, ends with a P


War Dragons players are some of the quirkiest for sure :smirk:




Oh I knew straight away. Hence my comment on forums taking its time to realise :joy:

Although, maybe Rae just had a Bad naP… :man_shrugging:


I understand why you don’t want to explain how people cheated. But i have a question… is PG fixing the code so this can’t happen?

Additionally, do you understand that if you get this wrong and get sued, say in NH where every single violation is 3k, it could put you out of business?



This may very well be one of them.

If you’re gonna make legal threats, don’t make them at me. Make them to our legal team. Also, good luck with that.


I’m not making threats. I’m pointing it out. I wasn’t banned nor have i ever cheated. I’d be happy to talk to your team. I’ve been practicing law for over 20 years. I can give them the specifics on the NH consumer protection as it applies to digital platforms if you would like.


The might change some code but definitely not all. Many of the exploits that were there over a year ago when pointed out…still there

There is great motivation for them NOT to fix it as well…$$$. Most games start with the idea to make the best game. Few of them seem to survive the heavy monetization.

The hard part would be to prove they are doing it intentionally…but if you can, then what?


Add i’ll add that i support you banning cheaters 100% even when i am impacted.


Colon cleanse will help with impaction.


Lol yeah that too.


@PGJared sent y’all a ticket reporting a hacked account.


Report it in game


Lol that’s what sending a ticket means


I agree. You can never have a contract that allows you to get defrauded. So the Tos would get thrown out the window if you could prove fraud. CA laws may not apply as they do business in every jurisdiction and country. ToS aren’t as cut and dry as some people here seem to believe. I’ve practiced law for almost 10 years now.


But can you prove it…and what would you need to prove it. Would be very difficult and could just be written off as an “oops , we didn’t know”.


If you are responding to me, proof is usually not needed. Just an allegation with a few supporting facts. If it would cost a company 20k in rss to comply with subpoenas and 100k in legal fees they’ll usually accept your offer for 10k reimbursement with an NDA. Litigation is expensive.


I just meant the general principle I guess, and true. They’d do a lot in the name of profit but not quite sure they would defraud people…then again, hard to say I guess. Hopefully it improves, but don’t see much action or motivation.


That logic applies more to the customer then to the multi million dollar corporation :joy: it would be Very cost prohibitive for someone to bring that bring that sort of action forward.


I don’t practice law, and I definitely don’t know all current cases, especially in NH; however, the last I checked those kinds of laws don’t apply to purchases with virtual currency inside of an account you don’t actually own.

I expect it’s just a matter of time before someone rules that the use of virtual currency in such a way is only to bypass such laws is in violation of the intention of those laws and is tested in court or patched with new laws. I also expect at some point it may not be found to be legal to declare a virtual account such as one where you spend towards progress to be not at least partially considered propery of the user of said account. But I expect there is a whole lot of digital rights pioneering that’s yet to be done.

However, I could be entirely wrong. The only cases I’m aware of, settled out of court. The entire mobile gaming industry largely has the same (often worse) practices as PG, so I doubt their position is so dangerous as it maybe should be.