May 2018 Ban Wave


whats the point of this SS? That has nothing to do with being banned.


I stayed at a holiday inn, does that count?


This is what it says the game if you change your account
He does not talk about Ban or anything
And this is what happened to my account
I lost data I have repeatedly asked for assistance di sistemare mio account
And it’s been more than a year that I keep writing in assistance for this reason !
And they always gave me the same answer
I have not used any tricks in my account
And you know it well
You banned people by supposition
How you have banned many other people


Well i can’t tell you why you were banned… but i CAN tell you it was not for switching accounts on a single device. People with alts do that all the time (although it can on rare occasions cause other problems).


Being in a top 10 team, I have never once been asked for my login.


:joy::joy: you’re serious


I have heard of some teams this being a requirement and found it very odd and controlling and not something that i’d ever go for.

Our team has no requirement like that


We don’t ask for account logins either. We just ask that you have notifications on, have Line or your give an officer your telephone number in case we need to text you to remind you to do your war run, or wake you up at 2:00 a.m. because why should you get to sleep?


Bravo deserves a medal for good behavior


Jared has already confirmed that your account was banned for hacking, if you didn’t do it then one of your friends did. Guess that would be another risk from sharing accounts. Don’t like it? Open a support ticket and ask them for more details. Cheating is a breach of their ToS, you won’t get reimbursed


A assume you are kidding? Who gives out phone numbers?!?


First order consequences (actions done by the cheater him/herself ) are easy to unwind.

Second order consequences (damage done to others directly by the cheater) are difficult to unwind.

Third order consequences (advantage gained by teams that werent damaged by the cheater, money spent by everyone trying to keep up with the cheater, etc) are impossible to unwind.

At the end of the day, the consequences of cheating are a cost that we all must bear. It is for that reason that we have a right to demand to know that PG is doing everything within their power to stop cheating.

Coincidentally, PG keeps extremely tight lipped and says almost nothing about what they are doing to stop cheating.


It’s not just illicit gains you have to worry about. A high level cheater could do a lot of damage to other teams.

Fyreflie puts it best


My leader considered asking everyone for their phone numbers… I shot that right down haha. No way I’d ever give out my number nor ask anyone else to. :t_rex:


True there is only one problem no trick ever used in my account
No technical report that demonstrates it
Only message and you used tricks :man_shrugging:t2:
What tricks ?
I have been playing for three yearsI’m liv 299
My account is poor of everything
Spent money to be able to grow and I have all the receipts
I have asked myself several times to check my account for problems with using my Alt
And they destroy 3 years of life, sacrifice and work for suppositions and their ineptitude


Well I’ve never used cheat or hack in my account
I myself have reported and made bans of real hacks
And it’s all written !


@moderators can we silence him please? He admitted to account sharing and according to @pgjared’s answer, that wasn’t the only thing he was banned for:


@RaiderOTStorm Give it up guy. Its over.

PG is 99.99999% confident you cheated which means that there is a 95% chance that you cheated. And even if you didn’t cheat, its still over because they already said they aren’t going to review it. Either way your war dragon days are over.

Go play something else. Try not to cheat.





While I assume you are joking about waking people up I have heard of teams that did just that. Some things, in my opinion, are just not worth it.