May 2018 Ban Wave


Good vedremo gli lawyers what they will say
I have not cheated and I have evidence they do not give me detailed reports on what I have committed
And you talk nonsense


Oops I have not translated but you do not care much


let’s say you didn’t cheat, but you did shared your info to someone which violates the game’s ToS.

Whatever action your account did is your responsibility. If someone accessed it and cheated because you gave them your account info, you’re still the one who cheated because it is done on your account.

PG already said that there’s a very very very low chance of there being an incorrect ban.


Make an omelette


Just tell Jared you didn’t have gold… I bet that will turn out great for you just like spamming these forums has helped…


Yes. Just off the top of my head:

  • Being underage
  • Harassment
  • Being extremely inappropriate in chat
  • Exploiting (which isn’t hacking but that might be a quibble here)


You weren’t banned for account sharing.

This is something that’s being worked on. I have already said it hasn’t been rolled out yet.

No it’s not. You were banned for cheating.


I agree. Top teams never required my game login. The only login I was ever asked for on this game was for my Netflix login.


This game has an age limit? Can we make that more apparent? It’s turning into COD xbox live in these lower leagues.


:confused: Netflix login? :rofl: :t_rex:


War Dragons is the new tinder. Gotta have that Netflix and chill. Jared is my Cupid.

(This is all a joke Jared. Don’t pan me. :weary:)


US law so PG has to follow it.

I think this is it:

There might be an updated one, but I am lazy enough to google.


You’re pretty much right. We are COPPA compliant.

What point are you trying to make?


Someone asked what team FireJinn was on. Think the person you quoted was providing that information. Three of the five on that list were banned for hacking, wonder how much damage they caused in Atlas with hacked troops.


PG are notoriously slow and may I say perhaps even non-acting on second order cheat impacts. I mean mythiccheaters are still in atlas, likely with their full hacked infrastructure still intact and troops built with hacked gold still there


As I understand it, one of the teams banned from Atlas for excessive hacking merged with them lol.


:joy: this is so tragic it’s funny

@Arelyna @pgjared if your intent is to make super cheating teams you’ve succeeded. Good job.


PG just has thousands. These people have millions. Didn’t know hacking was the new big thing in gaming. Whatever happened to becoming rich off of bitcoin instead of hacking? :joy:

Has PG thought of using 3rd party instead of just internal. May help prevent the “false negatives”


:thinking: Installing a keylogger (well, taplogger O.o) or app that views sensitive logs on my phone? No thanks.


well, PUBG is popular throughout the world that has access to Steam.

Based on what I read, the most common cheater on PUBG are the chinese. There has been videos of chinese people punching another chinese cheater that they see on a Cafe (PC Rentals). Cheating is severe on PUBG where almost every game on TPP (Third Person Perspective) have aimbots, wallhack, speedhack, no recoil and other cheats like being able to kill someone that is 3 KM away.

There’s also a cheat before where a player was able to kill everyone using his fist while everyone was still landing towards their destination (parachute not yet used)

Now, they do 25MB update everyday and keeps on updating their security, but cheats are still rampant despite those efforts. Cheaters can just buy the game for cheap because of stolen credit card.


Noticed a guy from an Asian team that shall remain nameless today with mages that are nearly indestructible. Def power is only 1.2B…so no rider buff…it’s mainly mages.

To put it in perspective, Harvs base with probably maxed legendary gear is 6B def power and his towers are easier to kill.