May 2018 Ban Wave


Just send the OP Khrysos against this base and wipe it out. :man_shrugging:

Panda was right. This game is now about who can cheat better.


Didn’t you read that website? Khrysos is the best warrior in the game. Lol.


This gif is just for you… @PGJared :crazy_face:



The two people, Dhylasha and Firejinn in that screenshot, both were maxed base with high amount of troops build and troops killed ! They both are gone now but their teams are still happily sitting there :slight_smile:


Plenty of other examples of teams still happily sitting there with their ill gotten gains. In fact two of them teamed up so they’re making super cheating teams now :man_shrugging:. Shambles.

Maybe that’s the new modus operandi. Create a hacked account. Hack billions of gold, level up everything in atlas, get the hacked account banned but keep all the gains. Join forces with another hacker team then do it all over again. Fun times in atlas yeah!


How many times have you done battle and your opponent been using obvious and verified cheats/ unfair advantages?

Me personally, 0 (other than that stupid airplane mode until patched)…wouldnt bother me if i ran into one either, either let it go or at least get some kind of trophy out the situation.


Let’s talk again when your team is targeted and thousands of your troops are killed by hackers with loads of troops.

It’s not fun …


It’s attitudes like yours that enables hackers to flourish


@MartianExile why you talk in topics like these ?? You know they are out of your understanding, you just go and make guide on how to fly spindra :wink: People like you are the reasons all this bulshit is keep happening and due to all these reasons only you get kicked from every team :crazy_face:


That could happen legit lol dafuk would it matter, be prepared for anything.

The defense buffs from castles, knowing where to keep a specific primarch, teamwork features with each primarch, basic overall strategy of what to do and when to do it…having a backup plan, etc.

You get max revives on lost troops when defending home territory…get to reviving.


Why you the one mad tho? Haha


You’re going to get me banned from the forums again.


Um, what? Lol who are you?

Sure why not, you can put blame on me…


Its attitudes like mine that adapt and overcome adversity, there is more than 1 way to see a situation…


Trying to be as civil as possible here.

So just to be sure. You’re saying that you have no problem with the fact that hackers are playing amongst us?


Its not like im telling them to get comfortable, i just dont see a point in the complaining…

PG is doing what they can with the very limited staff they have lol


Last question if you don’t mind me asking.

If you save money in your bank account to buy something you really want and someone hackes your account and transfer your money out just as the deal was about to go through… Would you complain or just stay quiet and hope the bank picks up on it and fix it?


So this happened to all you crying here?

Even so, to answer your question…yes. but is this

An example of the given perspective?


Let him be the hermit on the mountain. No point talking to such people. The world changes when people speak up. We speak up. Let’s change this war dragons world.


Grab a snickers, nobody said not to organize, help find solutions, or aid with information(most likely not here on public thread but is better than nothin… what will you specifically, grumpy, accomplish with the given complaints so far?

Lets not forget these encouraging and uplifting remarks to really get the sportmanship nice and salty for breakfast this morning…


:joy::joy: jk