May 2018 Ban Wave


Unfortunately, I don’t think PG cares to make it right with the victims to the hackers, by compensation.

It appears we are at the level now where we are to play/spend at your own risk.

However, I’m here to hold you when the fecal matter hits the fan. (WD Forum appropriate). :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Oh, has that day finally arrived?


I was replying to another player who in turn asked me which team was FireJinn at.


Good luck with that one… LOL No one forced you to play or pay.

If you didn’t cheat, file a ticket with support.


That line confused me too… Maybe he did hack them all lol

That’s the only part of what she said that actually did make me question his legitimacy


There are quite a few known hackers that have survived somehow…


yup and some that just started using a new account and even kept their same name lol


That cycle continues somehow…I feel like the ban process should be within 24hrs of spotting somebody that was banned and created a new account.


If PG doesn’t start banning devices then this will just continue.


Wow this guys not a hacker he works hard for what he has this girls insane. And a bit demented in the head of you ask me pg have been contacted about this post and we are all aware of what this crazy ass is trying to do


Don’t think there’s such a thing in the game


Yes they don’t exist


Exactly I can ask for a s.s if you like or you can he’d happily supply them


going to love checking this thread again in a few days once PG decided on what to do with that level 415.

I think one simple look using their tools can determine if he’s a cheater or not, but support cannot do anything (like banning an obvious cheater) unless it is escalated to the team that handles this report.


PG has already went into his account and cleared it that’s why he is still here they just did this a few days ago


sure… might be innocent before, but might not be now.

Don’t know so we just have to see.


This is not the place for discussion or accusations. I will be deleting and reporting each off topic or targeted post. Keep this on topic. If you have someone to report, report them - don’t just post on the forums.


Its kinda fun when they do it in such an outrageous way though… lol


Sorry for dragging it out in the forum’s but as I said was damaging to our team and our team mate


Flag posts if you feel this is the case. Try as I might and for as much time as I spend on the forums, I cannot read everything. Flagging every post that is problematic is very helpful is focusing my (and all mods’) attentions.