May 2018 Ban Wave


to the person that is reporting that guy (the peep guy), if you really want to report him/her, just send a ticket. Also, support might have read the forum already (before red deleted it) and did a report if they saw that the guy is actually cheating.

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NH like New Hampshire?

Never heard of such a thing and I’ve lived around these parts all of my civilian life


Turn off your phone or leave far away from where you sleep. No way would I deal with people waking me up. Even if I slept more than 4 hours


Interesting how my post got tagged as inappropriate. Intrigues me…


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The only problem is device IDs can be changed. Any rooted or jailbroken device can have the id changed. There’s only one way to slow or mostly stop ,that’s move this game to server side client.


Device ID doesn’t even need root/jailbreak to change. Just a factory reset.

WIFI MAC is easy to spoof. Cell radio MAC is possible, but much more involved, and you do risk breaking things that matter (but if you are at this level of cheating, you are probably not using a device you really care about that much).

Every protection has a possible circumvention–but, some of these are pretty easy to implement, and would reduce the near immediate return of some. Especially the cell radio MAC blacklist. I expect any cheater who can do this is likely not getting caught up in ban waves (or, not usually).

But… that’s just speculation on my part.


They could easily move this to server side based,encrypt the data stream. If a 20 year old mmo can do it,a modern mobile game can.


“Easily” may not be an entirely fair characterization. And it would have some performance consequences that could be offset only by additional capital expenses. I am not saying i do not agree with you.

Even with client-side software, if integrity checks were done more often to see if data did not match, that would have only a slight impact on user performance (usually between things and not during them), and it would resolve the most common cheats.

Yes, data could be changed in stream, but the cheaters who know how to do this are, again, not the ones that are getting caught.


Device bans actually do happen, it’s just easy to delete the game info from your device (easier on android, but not a hard thing to do at all)


Just curious as to the cause or reason behind all these accidental bans, what is causing ppl to be mistaken as a cheater?


there’s no accidental ban. All people banned on the ban wave are 100% cheaters.

People who report that they were rollback to 1 (making it look like they got banned) is an issue that PGJared and his team is investigating. An example of this is the savage guy and the pyrosniiper guy. Both are being investigated based on PGJared.

Do not mistake the ban wave to an issue or glitch.


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Not true. I had a player banned for supposed account sharing. He traveled in Europe for business, he used his phone, his wife’s phone and his iPad to log in; all legitimate accesses.


Here’s what I’ve gathered.

• This pan wave was 99.69% Fail safe
for cheating.
• Crisis, not Jared, is the forum god.
• PG, basically Jared, is working on a disciplinary action towards “sanctuary” teams.
• PG will NOT compensate players for falling victims to these hackers that were on the “sanctuary” teams.
• Must be 13 to play.
• These pans had nothing to do with account sharing. If so, you got the 2 for 1 hack special pan.
• This thread is far too long.
• Jared needs more sleep and more Jared time. Less dragons forums time.
• RedDelilah has the where to send your support ticket shpeal on lock down.
• Panda is gone. So sad. He is so beautiful. :revolving_hearts:
• Only logins we share are our Netflix logins. (Jk)
• Sugar needs a nap.

Delilah, Jared, Crisis, or Jesus. Can we close this thread. It’s become redundant. :grin: I love you.


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This must be the main cause


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Im sure you know of google… in other words, unfortunate circumstances. What do i complain about? …i think the most ive complained about was how personal prizes were locked omce kicked from team during a pvp


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