May 2018 Ban Wave


Aw nuts, that theme song is already annoying enough! :confounded: :rofl: :t_rex:


A myth can never die, only become stronger.


See I hear the Bang, bang, bangity bang, I said a bang bang bangity bang" song from How I Met Your Mother



Apparently first wave of banned hackers are trickling back in now :+1:t3:


Some never left.

I just had a destar cast spell flux 3 times in quick succession after the previous dragon died with zero rage. Which even if you believe that can somehow happen it then casts it two more times before the cooldown for blood fury would have been completed.

Unfortunately the dragon then had a replay glitch (or maybe designed to look like one) which want to bet will cause support to completely ignore the completely impossible rage consumption.


Yes some never left…that’s another issue.

But anyone that was just banned a few days ago… to be back and at it already is another thing entirely.


some cases they already had an Alt ready to jump onto…


It’s kinda pointless to ban if they’re coming back so fast.


Yea…they should have been locked out pretty good imo…and at the very least they should be banned quickly once they’re reported again…like within hours at most. And if they’re caught on the team they just got banned while on, that team should be banned from Atlas and knocked down to bronze


From what I’ve seen this cheating has been going on for a long time. I’ve come to the conclusion either they want cheating,or they have no one to fix their system.


While prevention is a better solution, the faster cheaters come back the more obvious they are and easier to ban again.

Hopefully PG has a follow up ban wave designed to catch all of the insane catchup actions performed as a result of the first ban.

I imagine after you knock them on the head repeatedly they either give up or find a new way.

What I don’t want to see is PG giving them months to enjoy their hacking before banning them again.


SIX HUNDRED comments is enough.
Let’s close it and save the energy for productive subjects - or for next wave.


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We’ve got things in the works. :wink:

We don’t expect this to happen.

And yeah, this HAS become quite a large thread, huh? Happy 600+ post, everyone. :tada:


i guess someone was unhappy with his ban.

seriously. how can that happen?
i always thought PG autodetects such huge amount of Rubies/Tokens used


PG vs the cheats


Idk what he’s using to breed that didn’t catch the auto… however leaderboards are swiped clean at event end


Pictures of screen < screenshot :wink:

I think I got a little vertigo from those.


lol, I think I did too. I kept thinking “man, if only he’d rotated those images so I could read them easily without turning my ipad 90 degrees” :laughing: