May I get some best tips for getting glory in atlas as my attack power is only 97M although I can take up to 300-400M bases

I’m very interested in atlas glory and conquest. Although atlas is most attractive gameplay for me than any other games I’m struggling to get glory for my prims. My dragons attack power is 96M and I’m still at level 132 but I can take up to bases with defence power 200-400M when not defended but when I try to attack some prims I find many with defence power 600M-2B and it’s not possible for me and I need to get backup from my teammates but can’t get enough glory throughout the season and makes a bit low interesting when struggling for glory. It’s been a tough time for players like me to get glory. In case if I find a prim up to my reach then no troops on it. Sad so much struggles for glory


Unless you got an atlas active team, who can help you with big taunters in enemy castles ,you are fked as a lower level trying to get glory.
I did manage to finish my first mythic gear line when i was around your level.
Its possible , but took me a really long time and alot of acitivity.
I used to be Camping castles ,checking if anyone is online etc so i wont get defended or countersniped by eldritch krelos before i can finish my run.
Its even more harder when you dont have atlas elite to keep up with your hospital space and
Troop loss.
Im still not a high level , the struggle is still the same mostly but with decent activity , you can finish getting atleast one of the mythic gear lines and the rider branch
Being in an active atlas team with other glory mongers ,going glory hunting as a group , makes a huge difference. And is a lot more fun than solo sniping
Below level 100 ,i used to spend all my time in aligane , so by the time i was starting to hit castles ,i had silver 1 prims , so having those stronger prims helped too.

Also save your rss like gold chests and rubies , to try to get a mythic dragon , free to play, so you can hit higher defended bases.

Edit :<<Or you can be lazy and get into a team with lot of guard swaps ,make some glory swapping partners for easier safer glory. ,not recommended tho , it ruins the entire fun part of atlas and you’ll still be an atlas noob if thats the only way you get glory >>


I think getting a glory swapping partner is the safest bet.

I’m sure people can point you in the direction or resources to help you find partners


I know a lower level glory swap chat, I’ll ask them to add you in it. You can then do an @ group to ask for someone wanting to swap in nml


i had atlas at level 25 my advice is to level your trapper and your taunter first until you can hit high enough to get glory offensively

both of these will yield a lot of glory as they level because people your level won’t have high level offensive prims you will also become useful in defenses for your team and allied castles. you can also attack seigers with both of these in the case you find some with bases you can take.

i did this until probably level 150 when i got my hands on my first mythic dragon that i had elite gear and a rider for.


Interesting, I would recommend going for a destroyer for small players. Because getting hit almost always means getting steamrollered by larger players, and when hunting you can at least pick your own targets and ask bigger teammates to back you.

Destroyer over Sieger because destroyers leave you more margin with timing, and at least give half-decent glory when you get whacked before you can do your run. Siegers are more of an expert tool.


First, buy glory for diamonds to upgrade Fighter to L5, thus unlocking the real primarchs.

Then, either do as Morreion suggested, use Destroyer and ask for backing, hoping that in some cases you will make it in time, or learn to use a Sieger and do fast attacks to dodge those back hits. Find prims of suitable base level and defense rating with search tool. Load about 60% of their troop count. Fly in, go to castle details, attack your pre-selected target from the list, fly away instantly if still alive. I did this as L130, attacking up. It takes time at first to find feasible targets, but as you grow, it gets easier.

yes you will get steam rolled but if you have a maxed s2 trapper that’s gonna hurt the attackers troop counts and get you good glory at the same time it’s what i did anyways and i’ve gotten mythic gear every season since it was introduced and elite before that. don’t get me wrong you’ll have high levels with maxed seigers that will hit you and that’ll still suck but most of the time i didn’t have this issue


What level were you when you got a maxed S2 trapper? And typically attacking other players is more glory efficient, and Trappers have the worst ATK stats

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around 150 by the time i maxed s2 trapper.
and yes it’s more efficient to attack so you attack seigers when possible but having a maxed trapper means even if a big guy attacks you on a castle defense or something you’ll take a chunk of his troops out so your more globally useful then say a destroyer at level 150 when the people hitting the castle are all 400 plus.


If you ask me… being open in Forums let us suppose, as is, due diligence of all this calculation is matter for Devs… when players need keep a calculator by their side to play a game it is much too much work, a lot less play… and in my book no fun at all… whatsoever… there are however puzzle and quiz games one might find in the scholastic section of any Play or App Store… if that’s what you’re into…

…as for Glory Swap and the higher order of Guardian Swapping these are Player Inceptions so unless willing to venture some four levels deep into the dreams of @PGGalileo (something I highly recommend avoiding… whether or not I’ve ever been there myself I’d never admit) so until or unless PG or these Forums wish to enroll some such open enrollment, say as part of Recruitment (hint hint) for Glory and/or Guardian Swapmeets try asking in LC and your local 5TA… all the best… GlibCrest

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Fine that sounds very good to me as I always keep using my destroyer and seiger in my roster. Thanks for your valuable information. I can’t understand why Atk and defence powers are given to those primarches and what I think is only dragons attack power is used to take down enemies prim. Does the attack and defence powers on our prims come into consideration??:exploding_head::exploding_head::sweat:

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Attack and defense power determine troops lost.

If you use a low attack primarch to hit a high defense one, you will lose quite a few troops even if you win (and the enemy will lose barely anything if you lose). In the same vein, if you use a high attack primarch to hit a low defense one you can still kill a lot of troops if you only clear 50% of the base.


thanks i got that i will improve myself

Lots of good advice here, I’d also say you should make sure you’re on a team that fits you well. A lot of the lower ranked atlas teams are slower to react if you snipe them and will also generally have more prims that you can attack. If you’re on a team that is ranked too high sniping at these castles will give you much less glory, so you want to play around your level.

Another tactic that I think works at all levels is looking for castles with multiple taunters. The team may have one giant taunter, but if they have other lower ones you can hit those directly without worrying about the giant.

Be patient while sniping because you normally only need to go with 2-3k troops so you die after your first hit. This allows you to control your own revival rate, as opposed to when you get attacked and have a much lower revive rate.


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