May we get a Training ground?

There seem to be quite a few stagnant phases, when buildings are being upgraded, played your part in war, dragons are healing(with no potions left :sob::sob:), egg token mission done. Basically when there is nothing left to do- a training ground would be a pleasure. We can gain no xp, wood and food.

We can take break because such thing doesn’t exist. Nooooooooo

:rofl::rofl::rofl: I guess you don’t get to lv 500 by taking breaks :sweat:

Many people have asked to be able to attack themselves and their team mates just for fun. (no xp, rss, loot, etc)

So far it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. No pg$$ in it is my guess as to why that is.

cool good to know :grin:

I think I wouldn’t be the only one wagging tail just only for being able to see our own base in Tactical view

Being able to test it ourselves would be worth 3 belly rubs :smiley: and a box of Scooby Snacks


You dont get to 500 with a training ground either

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