Maybe a way to help teams who get hit by higher ranked teams

Seeming like it’s pretty clear that PG are not going to fix apr formula to equate to the current atlas environment or put restrictions on teams to make them benefit more hitting similar ranks or hitting up.

My idea would be if you hit down certain amount of ranks then you lose a defender and backer on attacks, if you hit further down you lose 2 defenders and both backers, and can only owner defend, if you hit even further down then you can’t defend your base or no one can back your attacks.

My theory would be atleast if the small guys have to attack big bases they get a free run at them and if they defend thier base then they can’t have 2-3 great fliers hitting thier base and have to drop 4-5 dragons to make the attacker beat them, may stop some hitting down because it would make it harder to always get successful runs.

So example how my idea would work, the ranks are only for example purposes,

Rank 1-20 team hitting rank 50-100 team would only be able to have one backer when attacking that teams castle and when that castle ta hits thier prim then they can only have 1 defender plus owner
Rank 1-20 hitting rank 100-150 the high ranked team could have no backers on thier runs and have only owner able to defend thier base
Rank 1-20 hitting rank 150 and below then they would not have any backers and no one could defend thier base vs castle owner ta

Not sure how practical and easy it would be to implement just an idea I thought off that could help smaller teams when being hit by bigger teams

Nephew please.


:thinking: For me, this means apr doesn’t show proper team’s strength.

Now, let’s take it further.

Since the claimed to be inaccurate apr mechanic is used , won’t this mess up the balance even more? Just imagine a team full of beasts (players with max bases).

This mechanic will just make them even more unstoppable.

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I think trying a find a sort of way to fix the APR and finding a way to force people to hit teams of similar size is great!

But, I don’t think this is the way, unfortunately. A lot of big teams would just hide behind smalls and things would be very much more stagnant than they already are.

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It’s just not practical to do all of that. And right now it’s easy to propose these changes with current dragons that are OP. When things stabilize, current system will be just fine.

1 . Fixing the APR system for team Ranking
2. Tighten the glory bands

These should fix this issue . However there will always be players hitting down


For both Indivdual and Team part :upside_down_face:


Require attackers and backers in Atlas to use dragons no higher than one tier above the defender’s tier.

Wouldn’t stop players from hitting down to absurdly low levels, but would at least give it the semblance of a fair fight.

This works only if switching dragons properly (including all those runes and riders switching) can be done instantly.
Otherwise, small loaded taunter will be enough to stop the attacker.

Put all teams on access Castles and i bet most of not all will hit their tiers of teams :beers:

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Which game are you playing really? Are you sure you’re speaking about WarDragons???

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I think rank 1-20 hitting rank 50 is fine.

The rank 50 team to be that high will be 60-70% max players.

I think hitting APR +/- 50 is ok. If the band is smaller than that then you can’t hit anyone.

Assuming a fair distribution of teams between mega alliances #1 team willhave 24 targets hitting down to #50.

There are also other teams that are very active and strong in atlas that intentionally have 5-6 low 200-400 level players to tank APR to 100-150.

I saw one team yesterday that had 25 players 600 to 670. APR 350ish. They have T4s as well.

So we literally have Diamond players pretending to be Platinum that can hit anyone they want.

I personally think APR is trash.

Its about time main game rank = Atlas Rank.

And Diamond teams need to be rewarded for being in Diamond. The rewards in Diamond don’t justify the effort.

Too many Dimaond grade players tank in platinum to low sapphire to min / max rewards. There needs to be incentives for players to compete at their appropriate level.

To min / max seasons there is a big incentive to tank it out in S3 and get first / second each week and war back down to S3 after moving up.

Its silly that S3 has the same prizes as S1. And because most prizes are personally earned its counter productive to fight defended harder bases in Diamond.

Only then can the issue of Sandbagging and APR be minimized and addressed at the same time.

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I don’t think a rank 1 team has any business hitting a rank 50 team, even if the rank 50 team has a lot of 590+ players there’s still a huge difference between those teams. A rank 20/50 team is usually the difference of being at like 48/50 or 49/50 players and 50/50 players

I was in a #100 rank team that got smashed by the #1 ta, #3 ta and #4 ta.

We held all our castles ( our TA lost 2) over a 3 week onslaught. We got our asses kicked in every other metric like KDR but held out.

If #100 can do it then #50 should be fine.

If #1 can only hit the top #20 then lets assume their TA and #2 ta is in the top 20 that means 10 but more like 7 teams that they can hit.

Pretty boring game if you can only hit 7 teams.

And what happens if they hit #18 and #18 brings in allies APR 200-500 to trap at the castle or NML. That’s what happens.

There are heaps of problems with power concentration at the top but restricting what you can hit down by too much I don’t think is a solution that solves all of the problem.

I think you need to hit the problem directly Which is APR and APR stacking / tanking.

What you’re describing comes from a more complex issue of mixed issues together , from APR system , Mega Alliances shrinking which has led to their opponente chasing what is left to hit cause nobody can pull the trigger and kick some of them out .

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SANDBAGGING or " wanting a more relax" game so move to P4 or S3 teams to conquer in atlas… :scream:

How to fix that?

How many true P4 to S3 teams have t4?

Also Rank is very easy to manipulate , just get 4 alts and u will go around rank 100 while the 46 other players have the potential to take any base


Interesting but even Gold teams have T4

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There’s no way to fix anything anymore, just follow the mechanics the game puts in play and smash whoever is on your way.

From 1 to 50, 50 to 1000 rank, doesn’t really matter! It’s there, it’s available to hit.

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