Maybe this is why the game is so expensive?

Maybe not. :man_shrugging:


here i was thinking people who spend even 100$ a month on the game are rich…

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I spend for elite. Used to do it a year at a time… Now, I occasionally let it expire so I can get a month for 2 bucks.

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I stopped spending as well and lots of my friends who use to spend a lot as well.
I use to spend on both my accounts equally,but now I’m not motivated at all
After all those glitches not feeling like I’m a charity organization)
Some ppl quit,some stopped spending
PG should remember that WD is a team game and social part is strong here
It’s like a chain. One middle lvl will quit the game and 1/2 team will do same,including spenders.


They make several million a month, it’s been expensive because they know they can get away with abusive pricing strategies


I was also a spender not crazy but I would spend $300/month. Now since the season started, I’ve spent $50 and that was yesterday. I play for less hours too. I took the ignorance googles off or “the newness” is gone :woman_shrugging: We need some serious change in many aspects of the game.


As long as progres can be directly bought without limits, this is the reality of any game.

I’ll just leave this here:


The things you get buying the best pack is ludicrous. At least here in Europe 100€ per pack should give you the least 2 dragons of the last lineage. But it just gives maybe 20% of 1? If I had the gif I’ll choose the one throwing bills to the toilet



Thanks, that one fits perfect too! :joy::joy::joy:

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