Means to acquire legacy festive runes

I see teammates who are just now hatching older festive dragons because they started doing the Festive dragon line.

These dragons are already hard enough to level up because of the rarity of their shards. But they will never have the runes and glyphs that were released with them.

Potentially have the gold chests choice nodes in the festive branch give rotating choices of past festive runes?

So one season you may have three nodes where the choices are
Gold Chests, epic for hueso, nebulon, azrael)
choices are
Gold Chests, legendary for hueso, nebulon, azrael)
Gold Chests, mythic for hueso, nebulon, azrael)

No :joy_cat:


We’re lucky enough to be able to get past seasons’ dragons. While I see good intention here, runes/glyphs should absolutely stay in their respective seasons.

That being said, this would be kind of cool for a limited time branch. It would probably need to cost upwards of 10k sigils though.

Oh wow, I hadn’t even thought about that. I was excited to try Nebula finally but you’re right, without its runes, that’s going to be an issue. Really glad you posted this so I don’t waste rss leveling it thinking it would be viable. I do wish there was a way around this.

Although, I still wish there was a singular “festive shard,” and then we choose which of the old ones we level.


In the mean time DEMIRCAN is thinking how he can make his teammates to be able to claim exotic glyphs of the mythics


Thought neptus wasn’t a festive… or was it? That one preceeds my time.

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Never mind I misread the post. 🤦


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These flegendary festives pretty much have only two use cases.

  1. As tier fillers for Assault, Team Dungeons or TR bosses.


  1. Cat food. For digital cats.

I haven’t even bothered hatching any of them.

We get heaps of runes / glyphs in seasonal lines just use one of them and happy days :slight_smile:

Very rarely is a specific spell buff a game changer in my opinion and especially rare on legendaries. There are a few exceptions of course.

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