MechEng’s glory calculator

I used MechEngs glory calculator to anticipate glory in NML on my taunter. Results from the calculator:

That’s what I thought would happen.

What really happened.

Sorry for the crappy cropping. Frustrating to get a prison gang bang when my swapper when I and my swapper expected something different. Also, mech eng’s calculator doesn’t account for the level variations between player level. Some random guy offered to do glory, but he was so small I got 600 glory even though the calculator said 3.4k. I hope it gets fixed. Lots of people use that and it just doesn’t work.

Calc says that your taunter gets around 2.5k glory, which is what’s in your screenshot.


So what is the problem here?
The top battle is approx what it was estimated to be isn’t it? Or am i reading it incorrectly?

Calculator only works for difference in levels if the attacker is hitting down. The way the game is working is broken currently and carrying that difference over if the attack is a lower level, which shouldn’t be happening.

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Yeah I don’t understand - calculator and screenshot matches PERFECTLY. :man_facepalming:

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Within reason :slight_smile:

I thought you were speaking of second battle : maybe wrong but
There are couple of questions here:
First of all it shows your destroyer is silver in the glory sheet and you inputed bronze level 15.
And enemy player level i checked is lev 295 and your input says 313.
I suspect even the level of enemy taunter you input is wrong which is probably the reason for your errors in calculation in particular case.

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Also, @moderators unlock mech’s thread? I’d doubt PG’s support team would be up to supporting mech’s calc tool :rofl:

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Ignore me. I got confused when I saw this.

I took the ss of the calculator and my ledger and sent it assuming it said I’d earned 473 glory.

Thank you all for pointing out that the game did award the amount of glory I anticipated. In the future I’ll save my rage until after the battle ends and I see the ledger. Now I’m embarrassed. :see_no_evil:


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