Mechengg's Base Building Guide



Also, stop requesting access to it, I will not be providing it


:thinking: If there’s an 11/10, why can’t there be a -1/10?



I have always wanted to do something like this, but I never have had the time. This is such a great asset. I will definitely be forwarding this link to the team. Thank you so much for the time and research you invested in this guide.

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This is amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing it with all of us!

Now to go force my team to read it. :wink:

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Thanks Mech for this very detailed guide! i believe both old and new players will benefit tremendously from it :slightly_smiling_face:

Having said that, I think there are some points worth discussing here in the comments:

1st: “Never have multiples of the same tower type (unless it’s 2x lightning towers)”
Though I can understand the general flow of the logic (which as I assume is “do not build same towers because it might be inefficient if a dragon will have a resistance to them and/or it will deminish the projectile elemental balance) I would still argue that double ice turret set up could be a valid exception to that rule. Two ice turrets deal a lot of instant damage, more than double lightnings (my intuitive assumption) , a lot of end game players in D1 have it*

2nd: fire flack** on the front.
I agree with you that a second dd gower on the front is very helpful (in fact I have an archer there on my base), but if you follow your guide from level 0, you will get attacked mire by players significantly higher lvl. From my own experience, I (lvl 110) get attacked every day by people from late 160-180 to early 220s and sometimes even higher, with dragons whose row firepower is higher than my dragons can survive, which makes me think that I would benefit more from a defence-heavy layout, than from an offensive one. Like by having a fire flack to reduce dragons damage and allow my flack and storm live longer instead of an archer that will only deal damage that would not be enough anyway to shot down one-two garnet dragons on a 110 base. Same could be said about replacing an archer with an ice turret, but I kind of covered that already. I just think that fire flack is a viable option and also should be mentioned as such or at least discussed.

3d: leveling farm island perch
If I understood you correctly, you say that perch might be neglected to an extent, but I believe it is important to lvl it up to lvl 30, becomes that is the lvl where your rider gets 100% of its boosts. I have a lvl 19 perch now. Due to that, my riders buffes are reduced by 20%. I strongly believe that those buffs are from a crucial importance because they reduce building construction time drastically and by doing so enhance your progression and they strengthen your base. So it probably would be better to lvl up the perch when you have to unlock the lvl gate, instead of lvling the second archer or other towers on the Long Island.

4s: fire turrets supershot deals no damage when elemental barrier is activated, so it is affected by elemental spells.

*A lot of high lvl players have bad bases, even those who play in top leages. However there are a lot of players in top teams like dread or nmo who have the double ice set up, and i believe thay have it for a reason. Might be to deliver a strong punch before getting vined, might be something else, idk for sure…

**Fire flack costs embers and therefore is rather expensive, but if you wont spand embers on a totem you will (or should) have enough to build both flacks. Even if not, you can selectively open gold chests on pvp events with ember drops. I know people might prefer opening them during breeding, however low lvl players like myself don’t have a tocken shortage problem until mid Sapphire due to the tocken bonus and cheap dragons from red to platinum included, so opening chests on pvp is actually more beneficial there, making embers more accessible.


It’s crashing on phone. Can’t view for more than a couple seconds.

Thanks for the response. To add to the discussion:

#1- this base guide isn’t necessarily designed for the extreme ends of the spectrum where specific tower combinations are good at certain end game tiers only. I do realize there are lots of differences and it’s not something that is really apt for putting in a guide IMO. Those things should be considered on a case by case basis but you are absolutely right that things change at certain levels. If you look at the guide notes it does specifically mention this as well :wink:

  1. this base isn’t going to cover a level 110 from being crushed by garnet and higher dragons. No base will withstand this nor should you expect it, fire flak or not. Its supershot is currently a very short duration IMO on a long island config, it is more viable on a lead short island setup at super high levels

  2. good point about the perch and rider gear. It would be interesting to see how a perch of lower level would fair vs the second Archer. Possibly something I will run through some data and see what difference it would make to introduce a perch to get past certain gating mechanisms instead of the second Archer since we leave him behind in the dust anyway


Thank you for the response!
Regarding point 2 I have to disagree with you, because following your guide you will be attacked by the players of higher tier very frequently (or by players of your lvl with higher lvl back up). Reason behind that - you have a lot of rss accumulated and you are an easy target for higher lvl players. In war attacks same thing will happen, for obvious reasons.
Lvl 31 - 33 towers actually can kill and therefore withstand garnet tear dragons, but the ability of defending against them is quite limited (not to mention the likelihood of success and its dependence on luck and your enemy’s flying skills). Normally, you kill garnets by using storm and dark flack supershot constantly, as long as those towers live. However, storm typically dies after its first supershot, leaving tha flack and other towers undefended and hence very vulnerable…
The idea behind placing a fire flack on the archers place is to use its supershots (one after another!) to be able to heal the storm before it dies. Fire flack in that case would be the best choice because it will reduce dragons fire power by 50%(!) and by doing so significantly mitigate the unfair advantage. Which is a significant help for you in an uneven battle, compared to, say, ice turret hp buff which will be based on the towers hp.

Ill send to you some screenshots to strengthen the point.

Please excuse my grammar, typing from my phone

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You actually made it in engineering document format :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Jokes aside, kudos to your patience and hard work in building the guide.


I get hit by higher lvl players all the time. They don’t get much RSS wise. I don’t plan on focusing my defense to try to mitigate hits from super high bases (in comparison to me) that will just stomp me out either way if they so choose. I take down dragons higher tiers than I’m at often if I don’t lag too much getting into defense and can actually defend.

Cue Grumpaluffagus telling of his adventures shooting down garnets :rofl:

Edit: The laughing face is because I can see you typing, not because I’m saying you’re lying or anything lol

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I’ve seen this exact same debate with @coach, but more around replacing the archer with an ice - which is his layout btw.

@mechengg, I’ve tried both, including stacking archer runes on the front of middle long. But when I replaced that archer with an Ice my defensibility went waay up. So much so I am dropping Emerald drags on my level 127 base and last war it took them 5 goes with a Garnet Zam to get past me (Zam has winds which made my rage drain redundant). So I would say based on personal experience, that this is a better layout:
Blu Flak
Ice Storm


Bro stop stalking me dude… :rofl:

Zam you mean?

Yes good catch - edited :+1:

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Impressive defense, though :+1::+1:

Against regular flyers yes - against good flyers there’s not much you can do. He finally figured out the order to take out my towers in the end so :man_shrugging:

Still, always great thinking of the look one must have on their face flying in to get smacked by someone 1/2-1/3 their level haha

Yeah I took it as a compliment they ran a decoy on me…:joy:

Anyway off topic - I think the ice vs archer is better seeing that I’ve tried both on my base - archer for about 4-5 months and ice for about 2 months. I can see a noticeable difference but I’ll swap back for the next week and see if it is just due to my base levelling.

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My point here: fire flack is better than ice turret because:
Main problem we deal with is high fire power vs low hp and damage towers. Fire flack supershot reduces fire power by half, ice turret only gives an additional hp to towers (which i believe is based on the towers hp and/ice turrets lvl). The damage reduction is a better defense than additional hp.
Not to mention that you actually can get both at the same time.

Yes, fire flacks debuff only lasts two seconds, but it can be activated multiple times without facing conciderable opportunity costs

I will put my thoughts in later about this. Honestly if a level 45 necryx is running through an undefended elemental base, he is a shitty as fuck flyer and doesn’t deserve a win.
Either way if YOU feel your base works better a certain way, all the power to you and go ahead. I don’t need a "fire flak is always better than X "or “ice turret is always better than X” debate going on in my thread. You don’t have any reference to if you are starting a new base or fixing an old one, etc and personally IDGAF which one you choose. I put lots of variety in my fix your own base which gives you a full choice of your own damage towers to use whatcha want :+1::+1:

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