Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Perhaps, ive never seen that though so i would need it proven to me.



Doubting Thomas over here :unamused:


Huh? I am doubting, yes, but am ready to be made into a believerā€¦


So I am replacing one of my 3 ice turrets next forti event on my Long Island :sweat_smile: looking for a recommendation on whether I should go fire flak or ice flak? I have a rage drain on the first small perched islandā€¦then level 40 flak, 40 ice turret, 36 storm, 39 fire, 39 blue mage in the front half of the long. New tower will be placed on the back half of the Long Island. Which consists of a bit weaker towers from 28(is being replaced) to 36. Red mage, fire turret, blue mage and two ice turrets. Farms are on the last perched small island with a legendary warrior and red mage. Once I expand my base Iā€™ll start working on projectile towers but atm I want the Long Island to be my bread and butter before I expand out.


If u need it on the back island; ice flakā€¦front island; dark and fire flak.


/wonders what happens if a dragon uses flash/



Me too! Whats flash do? Ive never seen it used :nerd_face:


Flash is like a cloak you can attack during. It slows you down, but you have 100% evasionā€¦ Which tells me that anything that has to hit you to workā€¦ Wouldnā€™t work.


Whaaaaaat, what dragon has it?


The new discount hunter coming this week


I meant Luminaā€¦

But if you want to wait for a new dragon, thatā€™s cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank u for the info!


If anyone interestedā€¦

Current Player lvl- 243
Towers: lvl 43- 3
Lvl 42- 3
Lvl 41- 2
Lvl 40- 1
Remaining towers- 40 > lvl
Farms/ Mills- 42


Anyone who flies noctua like that is gonna dropā€¦


Yes, a skilled flyer with a buffed up noc can still take my baseā€¦as well as other familiar bases.

As to whether or not they can 5 flame my base solo is another story, more difficult but still possible


the necryx video doesnt prove much.
even if you have no archer there, after defender drain the rage necryx would die on kill island. if there is no defender, necryx would just kill the mage and cloak. Moreover, that one used element shield and kill the mage first when there is defender say that he has no skill. a better one would shot the mage, sand the archer then fly through


Ironically ur comment proves lessā€¦id tell u each clip had 2 battles in it but id rather u just come show me what a flyer with skill would do so i can make another one.


Yes it will follow, no it wonā€™t be wasted


Anyone know of a web site, where I can make an illustration of my base set up? Would be nice to see if anyone has any comments on my base :slight_smile: