Mechengg's Base Building Guide

this one?



Okay. This is my base. I’m currently at 102, and the Treb at the long island is a Dark Flak. I also have to mention that I will upgrade my elemental towers the next fortification. I will try to get them to 29. My towers at the first long island is soon out dated, and I will have to remove them soon. But othen than that, do you guys have any suggestions or improvements I can make?

PS. I have a earth totem at level 19 at the empty spot at my first long island.


Front of long island:

Flaks are very short range. Moving it to where your ice turret is now would increase your ability to get shots off. Stunning a dragon when it first comes into range is also a useful thing to do.

However, the spot is currently unprotected by a red mage, so it can be easily nuked. Optimal placement would be red mage in the center, flak where the ice currently is, ice where the red mage currently is.

It generally looks like you’re following something closer to Coach’s guide than Mech’s. They both have their merits.

You generally sound like you have a good plan, going forward! Focus the front five towers, whichever you choose them to be. Strong blues help a lot against competent hunter users. You won’t see a lot of those at your level, so probably focus the flak and storm at first, then the ice and mages.




Thank you. Good to hear that I only had to move a couple of towers for it to be decent. I looked at Coach’s guide, and I haven’t looked at that one before. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


What about this ( im focusing on those towers)
The range of the Ice Flak comes just beyond the Dark Flak (where the X is)
In storage i have 1 Blue and 1 Red Mage lv31, 1 Ice turret and 1 Fire Turret lv33.
Im lv177. Dark Flak is storage locked ( i need 4-5 levels to Storage and a lot of speedups, about 110 days ).


I’m nowhere near your level, but to me this looks like a lovely playground for Aibrean.

Because the blue is slightly to the back, I can use flash to ignore the flaks while using chaos to burn down the storm and mages. Spring renewal a monument, more chaos, everything explodes.

If the blue mage was right at the front, this would be a lot harder to pull off. If the base was set up on the middle long with a second blue mage, it would be even harder.


Just for info, the Blue in that position will works as the dragon turns the corner :wink:


i know, i play my Avyx and Aib like u saied. Anyway, the Rage Drain Island is there for a reason


By that philosophy, you might as well remove your blue mages completely, they will be killed anyway.

Of course I have, and yes it can still be killed at the front. But as you say it requires a skilled flyer, which many are not. In the middle you have ages to kill the storm and the blue and pretty much anyone can manage.


so what are you trying to say? I mentioned skilled flier for a reason. An unskilled flier will go pop on that base even without defender.
@Praetoriano I still find this layout decent honestly, just because the rage drain on this island is unorthodox and not easy to kill as the other rage drain island imo.


Should i put my Mages lv31 (blue and red ) on the Rage Drain Island ?? Also, Storm tower will cover all the towers. A thing that not happen on the front of the middle-long island :confused:


I was saying:

Blue in middle: anyone who had Aibrean for an hour can manage
Blue in front: only skilled flyers can manage

(removed line about removed post)


Friend, do you understand or not that the blue in the middle or in front does not change anything ?!
In order for the blue tower to come into action, the dragon must COMPLETELY turn the corner, so Blue will operate at the same time, whether in the middle or in front. Only that , the Blue in the middle is more protected


It was not meant that way, but i re-read it and the first post of mine seemed more insulting, which was not my intention.
It was purely not my intention, sorry if it hurt feelings of anyone.
I agree to what you say regarding position of blue mage.


I do not see your post as an insult. I think the guy is a bit sensitive


Since the storm protects it anyway, if its in front, i would say it gives opportunity for blue mage supershot to hit quicker.


ok, but it is my only Blue tower and I would like it as close as possible to the Storm, same thing for the Dark Flak. Some spaces seem to be closer to each other. Every time i build a setup, i test it ( again thx to LC players) So at least i have info for talk about it :slight_smile:


Perhaps I’ll need someone to confirm this. @SavageAFforPG ?