Mechengg's Base Building Guide


There is no additional protection, and the blue mage has a long enough range that position front corner or middle on that turn doesn’t make a difference (based on tower stats), it does make a difference based upon how quickly a skilled pilot can kill or disable it. It should fire at the same time, assuming the SS is pre-loaded and ready to fire the moment the dragon turns the corner. But either way, if the attacker is fast enough, he/she can kill/disable it before it fires.

But… Stats on paper and actual game play experience are not always perfectly aligned.


I understand your closer proximity point, but look at range of storm tower which you might already know.
This will ensure its protected wherever its placed, atleast by storm.


thats why i have it in the middle. It is more closer to my Storm, so many times storm will protect it :slight_smile:


I mean not just the SS, but also disabling effect.


As soon as my Storm has finished the upgrade (about 48h), I will continue to test this setup. I will inform you as soon as I have enough information


That’s a tested position for storm, best position in game.


Hey Dio,

What’s wrong with the response i gave you yesterday with my thoughts in this thread?


I’m not seeing the third back shield here:

From this post: Base Defense-How do you do?

Not that you need it, no one is focusing the back 5 before they take care of the towers in front.


Wierd, considering the ice turret shield is going to third tower.


Disabling effect only works when dragon faces the island. When they face the island, having it in the center or having it in the front doesn’t matter bc the aura range is going to affect the dragon regardless.

The fact that the blue aura only affects the dragon when it faces the island allows for Aibrean and avyx to chaos and frenzy from the turn.


Ah I did not realise the middle front position on the home island is working very different from the same spot on the long middle island. In that case there’s not much to gain from moving it.


I don’t think you have earned my trust yet bud :wink:


Actually I have a video of myself killing mages on rage drain before firing off with Rizar


Next to the monument allows 7 instead of only 6 shields.



How do you screen record? Special app? Android friendly?


You can enable Shareable Replays in the game’s settings. iOS also has a screenrecord function.


Google play games app can record videos for game


@mechengg what are your thoughts on perches now that they affect more islands?

A level 30 perch doesn’t take all that much out of your level 50+ tower budget, and the mythic warrior or hunter buff for the full long island from the second perch seems pretty strong, even if it does leave a rage anchor on the rage drain isle. Or is that still too much of a liability?


the issue is lead can go to main island with 2 rage even after getting hit.
And follow will have full rage entering main island. If lead can kill just front mages and bail out, follow may still find it easy to kill the base.


Officially no comment.

I’ll be doing some more assessing over the next week or so before I say my real thoughts because I like numbers and experience to back up my opinions