Mechengg's Base Building Guide


Perch Response

Okay taking the time to think and explore more while seeing the exact buffs for my base (armor dependant) here are my thoughts. Keep in mind that these are not fully 100% tested and are simply my main thoughts on what the best course of action to take on these new perches is since ive had TONS of people asking me for it.

I think it really depends on several factors:

  • If you have Atlas
  • If you have a perch rider vs offense riders
  • What rarity your gear is (and what overall % it will give)
  • Which perch(s) you have already built

Taking all that generically into account in the back of your mind you should start going down the list in this order:


Option 1: If you don't have Atlas

If you don’t have Atlas, don’t change a damn thing. The +15% health buff or supershot bonus is NOT worth leaving a war anchor. Forget about perch buffs and keep focusing on your main towers for now until you hit Atlas for a while, get a decent rider and rider gear (several months in) and then start to think about this again.


Option 2: You are L350+

If you are L350+ (ish) and have your middle long full of L60 towers (L63 now but whatever) plus are building/have already built an additional 5 towers up that are replacing your rage drain island, then you SHOULD build a riverwatch perch. You are obviously a spender, you obviously have the black pearls available, and you obviously have some gear in Atlas. Equip your good gear and rider to the riverwatch perch and enjoy the big defense boost PG has given you.


Option 3: Have Atlas/rider/gear, Riverwatch Perch/pearls & are following my base guide

If you have a Riverwatch perch already built or if you have the black pearls available to build one of L11 or higher (L30 preferred, but can be taken into account further below), have access to Atlas, already have a defense rider hired, and have started crafting gear for him, then leave the base the exact same as my base guide describes, and simply equip your Riverwatch perch with a dragon and rider with good gear. (good definition below).

If you have built your base fairly well and with a rage drain, you will still be able to steal 4 rage from the lead dragon unless special circumstances appear (aibrean, add on spells, etc). The war anchor in this case will leave the backer with a bit of starting rage, and to offset the dragon having rage, you will need to ensure that your storm tower has enough health and your dark flak has the stun ability to stop the dragon while your second round of mages take his rage away before he can do some serious damage. For this health increase and stun ability i’d recommend a sorcerer dragon (15% longer stun and shield times) over a warrior (15% health) due to the fact that the supershots will also do more damage at the same time. You will be using ALL of your supershots on your best 5 towers, so it’s better than increasing the health on your weak rear towers.

Some caveats:

  • The lower level the perch, the better your gear should be. Aim for +20% attack and +20% HP (including the debuff from lower level perch if required) to balance out taking the hit on leaving a war anchor. This will get you 2 levels on every tower you have. Keep in mind this isn’t a calculated number, it’s more of a gut figure since there isn’t really a tangible way to calculate this out with as many factors as we have in the game.
  • L11 perch is total 4000 black pearls, L30 is 14,000, make sure you have enough before you start building.
  • This is easier/better to build this perch at a higher player level so that you don’t gain too many levels from building a perch. The lower level you are, the more substantial a hit your top towers are going to take, and your gear is going to have to make up the difference until these levels start to be rather insignificant. For every 1 level that all your top 5 towers suffer, add an additional +10%/+10% onto the gear requirements for considering this option. Perch will add ~2 levels if you are between L197-299 but more if you are in the 150+ range, and even more if you are lower than this.
  • You want a legendary dragon to get the extra buffs that it has, that is the reason for L11 perch minimum.
  • You don’t have any costs associated with relocating runes now or in the future which is nice.


Option 4: Have Atlas/rider/gear, Seagazer Perch only

If you don’t have the pearls required for a riverwatch perch but you already have a seagazer perch, the only way to obtain bonuses is by shrinking your base to a micro style base. Splitting up your best 5 (two mages and three others) on the short to get the immediate effects is the best bang for your buck here, with the rest of your towers on the long home island.

I’m really not 100% convinced of the arrangement (farms first, or second, or half and half) but that is going to be explored a bit more for those stuck with this option.

The only thing i would recommend you doing is adding a single low level blue mage at the very back of the long middle island (towards seagazer perch side, away from riverwatch). This will let defenders get into your base and apply supershots more easily before network connections completely screw your war defense. Blue so that the attackers can’t cloak over it, or they will have to use their add on spell slot for a red lockdown spell (they can’t add anything else now). While this is just a time buyer, i think it warrants use on these micro bases far more then a plethora of red and blue towers that a dragon can easily kill before getting hit by them. Remember rage drains NEVER work on long islands, only on short ones.


  • Warrior boost WILL help your farms also in this case so it certainly is acceptable to put a warrior on the perch in this situation. The health will help, and you can shield and stun immediately on the short island preventing too much damage from being done to your towers when hammer spamming as the dragon is coming out of the stun.
  • Gear requirements aren’t too high for this one since your perch can be as high a level as you would like in this case and will be left as a war lead anyways. Eventually you may want to build a riverwatch perch and move back to the middle long as in the example above, but it’s up to you to decide and save your pearls for.


Option 5: No atlas/gear/rider/pearls

The only reason i guess NOT to have a perch is if you don’t have any black pearls at all and no current perches. If you can’t obtain a L11 perch and get some gear from Atlas on it, just stick with the standard base layout as described in my guide.


This may end up being some type of addendum to my guide at some point, but i don’t have time to do all the full data pulls for the gear and finding what the best/cheapest combination of gear it so i’m leaving it fairly generic. I’m also going to be testing out a few of these layout styles in coming wars with mine and my teammates bases so look forward to some follow up on these issues and what ACTUALLY happens. Right now these are my thoughts and theories, we shall see them in action soon enough.



Thank you for the very clear summation. :slight_smile:


On a serious note, by the looks of things, we probably need to work on a build setup that only builds flaks and mages, and maybe 1 storm.

Eg only mages till you can build a flak, etc.

It just seems to be moving that way.

(I’m not trolling, and I’m pretty sure its not possible, but it does seem to be going that way)


To an extent, yes. And then PG has to increase drop rate of embers even more because even now e2p/f2p players find it tough to sustain building 2 flaks unless we save up all gold chests for fortifications.
With Fomhar and Neptus having ice turret resist, i can imagine how it would be in top leagues.
Once one of the most useful towers being used for rage building is ridiculous.
Atleast fire flak and dark flak do good damage even if you have resist. Ice turret on other hand does close to nothing.


A bit off topic, but where or what does e2p stands for?


Elite to play : only spends for elite account
Free to play : doesn’t spend for packs and elites


I’m definitely starting to agree and have already began updating the guide accordingly. Probably be a bit before it’s released as a whole but there is a very strong recommendation to drop an Archer tower when it reaches a certain level and pick up a fire flak for damage.
There would of course be a few caveats that the person should have at least X embers to keep both flak upgraded to max level or to stop leveling until they do get it maxed.

So I’ll probably tweak my new base build into 2 sections, one for a free to play and one for a spender who isn’t limited by resources such as embers.

Also have started updating the sections related to the perches.

I’m also still very busy these days with work and cabin time so who really knows when I’ll get this done 🤷


Just curious, has anyone moved their blue mage to the back of the kill island so it’s not in the first 3 that Fomhar can entrap? Or do you find that in general it’s better to leave it in the traditional preferred front right position (as the attacker is facing the island)?


I have 2 blues in back mid and it is very helpful, main intent was to stop expert hau flyers…id rather higher beat me than lower

And by back mid i mean the back 5 spots


It’s a trade off.

Blue in the back of the 5 tower cluster allows an often supershot dark flak shot to fall on an invulnerability shield, which is huge. I’ve used this trick, but I don’t see many use it on me.

It’s also giving extra moments to sand and cloak…

I keep my blue in the front but I’ve found you need your blue to be fully leveled to be effective here. (The two lead towers absolutely must be high level)

If you are talking about the back half of the long Long Island, avoiding the triple sand is a good reason to move it. That only works if the damage towers can pack enoug punch and endure long enough to take down a shield.


Also if entrap has same radius as enfeeble then it will be possible to net blue anywhere on mid…

What is the point though if unable to solo, thats the part i hate or dont get

Maybe im just used to the golden gods


Off Topic
No blue in front + 3 flaks = Aibrean’s Flash feed
(About the latest img)

On Topic
Due to single sorcerer named Equestor, the rage drain setup in the mid island doesn’t work well (my base).
Any help on this?


Oh yeah? Lol

Lol u got jokes tonight


Oops sorry. The second, I was asking about my base, which is advised by @mechengg.
Sorry for confusion :sweat_smile:


Im only confused as to how u think anything u said was even remotely accurate


Now that it has been about a month, have your thoughts changed at all re: the riverwatch perch? How are you finding it compares to micro bases with a seagazer perch on your team?

I’m finding that players who know what they’re doing always leave the riverwatch perch up, and have enough rage hanging back at the anchor to at least put one sand down on the long island.


Don’t need flash to kill the front 3, and back one is fire flak so irrespective of flash …
Which @MartianExile would not agree, but i can’t demonstrate since i am a lev 104, but i did that against lev 33 towers without atlas so i think a good flier of aibrean can do it :man_shrugging:

Regarding Equestor thunderbolt, idk because mostly they still get hit by mage shots but either way Dark and fire flak combo with shield kills them pretty fast.


You hit flash because that allows you to still have chaos on when u hit the blue mage after taking care of the front 3.


Honestly i’m really liking my current setup with the power boost that i have.
+32.5% Attack
+39.1% HP

My thoughts:

“good” flyers always leave the perch, and thats what we should be working with. The lead dragons usually don’t do a ton of damage to the front half of the long since my towers are L50-52 (and in essence L53-55 with my boosts) then add on armor +25% consumables and the standard +30% tower boost and healing, there aren’t a ton of dragons that have managed to defeat my base until you get into Harbinger tier, of which only Neptus has attacked me. Apparently i’m not good enough to be worthy of a Destar attack :man_shrugging:
What ends up happening is that the lead isn’t out of obsidian yet, so gets hit by 4 supershots from the rage drain, and then dies within 2 seconds of the front half of the island not having done anything, not even a sand usually for whatever reason. No towers get destroyed. Second dragon comes in and then gets 2 rage from the perch anchor and i have to fight a dragon who can use 1 spell before it losing rage again. So spells haven’t been that bad as of yet, but i am still a super low level (217) so i’m not really concerned a big threat in wars as of yet.

Atlas Attacks
People hitting me in NML are dumb and just look at my base level and come at me half tilt and with terrible backup. They don’t do well, i don’t even want to count how many 2%-4% attacks i’ve defended from people up to L330 which unfortunately is sad.
I’ve had my fair share of wipeouts too from high levels who know what they are doing or if I don’t catch the defend banner, but overall i think my premise is working out pretty well.

RSS Raids
:rofl::rofl: people don’t pay attention to my tower levels or my perches or something because i get sapphire dragons hitting me all the time and it’s pretty funny.

Versus a Micro Base, i am still not convinced that splitting your towers into 5 + 5 does a ton of good especially if the blue mage is disabled to prevent spells from being used. I am not going to try out a micro base at all, i know some of my teammates are but it doesn’t have the same effect since some of these players don’t have as high tower levels of gear as i do.

The only thing that i very highly recommend is putting a blue mage at the back of the long island to get defenders in the defense. Right now corth blows past the first island with one shot on some bases where there isn’t ample time for defenders to get in and we join at the start of the long last island which is useless.
In Other News
Finally saved up enough embers to start building up a fire flak. However i’m still not going to build it up quite yet until i get my hut to 33 with emerald eggs and max my towers at 56. Which happens a few breeds after Noctua.

Also also, the second i get Noctua, i’m taking a small break from breeding and am going to need to use 148k tokens for research eggs to get an additional 5% construction bonus. After Noc, the bottleneck in the game is timers instead of tokens so i find it’s a very good time to start saving tokens right now so i can get an extra 5% worth at a future date for my current speedups. So fire flak will be built up after this bonus is collected.

Hope that makes sense for people following, i’m happy to answer any questions about it too


watches hau fly over your base :joy::rofl: